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From: Chris Bainbridge <C.J.Bainbridge@×××××.uk>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] HEADS UP: Twitching to un-arch-mask Apache2
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 13:22:53
In Reply to: RE: [gentoo-dev] HEADS UP: Twitching to un-arch-mask Apache2 by Stuart Herbert
1 I expect most major packages will continue to support apache1, but if they
2 don't, then don't upgrade to them. If people need apache1 support then they
3 will add the ebuilds.
5 > I'm not trying to hold back progress. I'm just trying to understand what
6 > the apache1 position will be going forward. What's wrong with that? Do
7 > you feel threatened somehow by the idea that there's someone out there who
8 > isn't enthusiastic about running apache2 yet? Why the strong (and
9 > negative) reaction to practical questions?
11 One of the reasons for gentoo's success is the rapid rate of evolution.
12 Sometimes you just can't accommodate everybody. Look at gcc 3.2 - when it was
13 unmasked it broke lots of packages, if I remember correctly even kde didn't
14 compile at one point. But within weeks (days, in some cases) these problems
15 were fixed. This wouldn't have happened if people held back for fear of
16 things breaking; instead it would've taken months to get these problems
17 ironed out. So yes, I feel strongly that the continued evolution of gentoo,
18 and the ability to attract new users, depends on getting the latest versions
19 of software into the "stable" distro that most people are going to use.
21 Of course theres nothing wrong with asking practical questions! :-) I'm sorry
22 if I mistook your original post and php/redhat comments as suggesting that
23 apache2 shouldn't be upgraded to stable status.
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