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From: Matthew Marchese <maffblaster@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o, gentoo-project@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Rekindling Gentoo News
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2017 07:41:50
1 Hi all,
3 Huzza! Welcome to 2017! This year I would like re-ignite the Gentoo news
4 project. It has been smoldering for some time and I think with a small
5 bit of interaction from YOU (the developers, the council members, and,
6 yes, even YOU foundation members), it would be easily rekindled.
8 To be clear, I have no absolutely no intention of writing a full
9 newsletter each month. Most people's attention spans are not long enough
10 to even read though a newsletter or make it this far into an email, so
11 I'm not looking to spend a lot of time doing that. I have something much
12 simpler in mind. Presently the GMN project has moved. It is now called
13 simply "News". We have a #gentoo-news channel on Freenode and a
14 news@g.o mail alias.
16 Here is the YOU part: the only way this project will work is if YOU push
17 news announcements to ME. As you understand, Gentoo is a broad ecosystem
18 with LOTS going on _constantly_. I only use one desktop environment and
19 can't look at #gentoo-commits / gentoo.git log to track the changes of
20 major successes or new additions to the main repo.
22 You can use either the IRC channel or news@g.o to push news items
23 of interest to me. I will handle weeding them out and getting them to
24 the developers and the community on the social sites. The IRC channel is
25 preferred because I am always connected, and messages are instant; but
26 again, as it should be in Gentoo, _your choice_.
28 Example news items could be:
30 * New release of Gnome (or any other supported DE).
32 * New, interesting packages added to the main repo.
34 * New projects - Tell me about the project goal and what you're working
35 on. I will also watch the gentoo-project list, but LOTS of times it's
36 easy to miss things.
38 * Project changes - Want the community to test something? Want to warn
39 us about something? Want to remind us of something? Want to scold
40 inactive members of your project? You can now do that on social sites so
41 that the world can see! Hope you caught the sarcasm in that last sentence.
43 * Event annoucements - Tell me where you're meeting and what you'll
44 talking about. Give me the highlights of a past the event. Tell me why
45 attendees should go to your event. Share pictures from your event.
46 Gentoo is going to be present as FOSDEM 2017. What about Scale? I'd be
47 happy to push invitations to the social sites. Just tell me what to say.
48 For event invitations should also have an announcement on the front page
49 of the main site, IMO, but we can start with getting them to our social
50 sites.
52 * Anything that is exciting that has happened for Gentoo - This goes for
53 projects that completed a long or short term goal, Gentoo being
54 recognized for something important, or Gentoo is seen somewhere in the
55 news media. Good OR bad external news can be shared. You can even rip
56 something off the forums or Reddit and re-share it in #-news.
58 * Gentoo ported to run on a strange or unusual piece of hardware -
59 Recently I saw Gentoo being ported to the PS4. That was something that
60 should be shared with #-news.
62 Once it gets to me, the news will probably go out one news item at a
63 time, in one or maybe two sentences. This way we can be reporting news
64 as it develops, instead of releasing news in a monthly --oneshot like
65 the old project. As mentioned for event invitations above, larger or
66 more important news items can hopefully be shared on the main www page.
68 Also, the QA project seems to be good at generating all kinds of graphs
69 and charts, so I have no plans to use the old Python scripts for those
70 kinds of things. I do have some other ideas up my sleeve for this
71 project in the future.
73 The one thing to take away from this email: if you have some news item
74 that has some value to the community you should share it in #-news. It
75 would be great to release early and release often in terms of news. This
76 will not happen without YOUR help.
78 Anyone who wants to aid these efforts welcome to join the project.
79 Looking forward to hearing any thoughts from you on things that may need
80 to be flushed out a little.
82 Your docs doctor and news host,
84 Mr. Marchese


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