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From: Mike Myers <fluffymikey@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] KDE, metapackages, and monolithic packages
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 09:01:27
1 Hello!
3 Currently, as you all surely already know, KDE is currently handled with
4 metapackages or monolithic packages. The metapackages is very
5 convenient for a more complete install of KDE, and the monolithic
6 packages are better or a more modular install. However, with the
7 metapackages, it seems much more difficult than necessary to rebuild the
8 KDE packages. Like, say I wanted to add a user flag to support
9 something I just added, like xinerama support. With metapackages the
10 way they are now, I would have to completely uninstall every single
11 package and then reemerge the metapackage and it's dependencies. Just
12 simply reemerging the metapackage doesn't actually recompile anything.
13 Also, if I wanted to add support for part of KDE, like say, alsa support
14 for kdemultimedia, I would have to manually unemerge each individual
15 package related to kdemultimedia and then reemerge the metapackage.
17 My question is; Is there any better way to do these kinds of things
18 yet? If not, are there any plans for making this kind of process any
19 easier for the users? I really like KDE and I'm sure there are a lot of
20 other people that do as well. I can understand the reason for going to
21 metapackages, but it doesn't seem to have been as smooth of a process as
22 intended. At least not in some aspects. I am not a developer, and I
23 apologize if this has already been addressed. I haven't seen anything
24 related to this issue. The KDE howto docs seem to assume the user is
25 doing an initial install and it doesn't address if part of a metapackage
26 is to be reinstalled. It also suggests metapackages over monolithic
27 packages. I'm not really sure of the reason for such a suggestion if
28 making a change to the USE flags is going to be so difficult.
30 Maybe somebody can clear this up for me? Again, I apologize if this has
31 already been addressed.
33 Thanks,
34 Mike
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