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From: "Anthony G. Basile" <blueness@g.o>
To: Gentoo Development <gentoo-dev@l.g.o>, pageexec@××××××××.hu
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Bleeding edge hardened-sources: move PaX markings from ELF to Extended Attributes
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2011 16:09:53
1 Hi everyone,
3 I've been doing some experimental work with PaX enabled kernels and I
4 wanted to share it with the community at large for feedback.
6 Motivation: There are two (soon three) ways of doing PaX markings so
7 that a PaX enabled kernel knows what restrictions to put on the running
8 process. These are:
10 1) EI_PAX markings. This puts the pax flags in the ELF header in bytes
11 14 and 15 of the e_ident[] field. This was a "hijacked" area and is now
12 broken. [1]
14 2) PT_PAX markings. This puts the flags in an ELF program header. On
15 Gentoo systems, all binaries are compiled with a PT_PAX header ready to
16 go because of a patch against binutils [2]. The problem is precompiled
17 binaries which lack a PT_PAX header and cannot have one added without
18 breaking. (eg. skype).
20 3) XT_PAX markings. This is the new experimental way of doing the
21 markings using xattrs for PaX markings. Currently, I'm using the name
22 space "user.pax" so as to allow users to mark their own binaries, but
23 this may change to "security.pax" depending on what direction upstream
24 (ie pipacs) wants to go. The advantage here is that the ELF binary is
25 not mangled in any way since the xattrs live in the inodes not the
26 blocks. The disadvantage is that xattrs is not supported on all
27 filesystems and in all our utilities we need for portage to work. I'm
28 working to get xattrs supported where we need it. This will also help
29 with supporting other features like ACL and CAPS. To this end:
31 a) There is a patch against tar to support xattrs based on a Fedora's
32 patch. [3]
33 b) Kernels 3.0 and above support xattrs in tmpfs, squashfs and other
34 filesystems.
35 c) Python 3.3 and above support os.getxattr and os.setxattr and zmedico
36 and Arfrever have patched portage to copy xattrs from ${D} to ${ROOT}.
37 d) There's probably more .... feedback welcome!
40 I've built two test systems, amd64 and x86, and so far so go.
41 Prometheanfire tested too and help find some snags. If anyone is
42 interested, I've got a HOWTO on converting any gentoo system to a *pure*
43 XT_PAX hardened system [4], ie one with *no* EI_PAX or PT_PAX. This
44 will not be the final situation where we will have backwards compat with
45 PT_PAX but not EI_PAX. However, for testing it will force any issues
46 with XT_PAX to the foreground.
48 Since many of you know more about the internals of Gentoo than I, I
49 would appreciate any suggestions regarding what I might be missing if we
50 eventually migrate in this direction.
53 References:
55 [1]
57 [2] As of this writing, PT_PAX support is provided by patch
58 63_all_binutils-2.21.1-pt-pax-flags-20110918.patch which can be
59 obtained from the patch bundles found at
60 among other places.
62 [3]
64 [4]
67 --
68 Anthony G. Basile, Ph.D.
69 Gentoo Linux Developer [Hardened]
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