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From: Michael Kohl <citizen428@××××××.org>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] the vision for Gentoo
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 17:28:14
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] the vision for Gentoo by Daniel Robbins
1 Some interesting discussions going on on this list lately...
3 On Sat, 28 Jun 2003 03:18:53 -0600
4 Daniel Robbins <drobbins@g.o> wrote:
6 > 1) What engages and inspires us?
8 I found out about Gentoo over a year ago on OSNews, had a look a the
9 website and just thought: "This is it!". The thing I really find
10 inspiring about it is the desire to push the limits and not be yet
11 another Linux distribution. As recent developments show (Portage for OS
12 X, Gentoo/BSD, an ebuild for the mach kernel etc.), it's not even about
13 being a *Linux distribution* at all. For me, personally, Gentoo is an
14 *idea distribution* (does that really sound as pathetic as I think it
15 sounds?). This whole "feeling" around Gentoo made me want to contribute
16 *really* for the first time (ok, I do nothing except some GWN work and
17 throwing random ideas at -dev, but still...), as it seems like a good
18 "framework" of getting interesting things back from your contributions,
19 and often this are things you didn't even think of in the beginning.
21 > 2) How do we formulate this "excitement/spirit" into a collective
22 > vision for Gentoo?
24 Isn't the great thing about Gentoo that *it* adjusts to your vision,
25 instead of forcing *you* to adjust to it's? Honestly, the thing I expect
26 most from Gentoo is to keep all this excellent ideas coming in the
27 future! Even if I'd switch to another operating system (not likely to
28 happen anytime soon), I'd sure keep an eye on Gentoo, just for the fun
29 of all the nice thoughts popping up all the time.
31 > 3) How do we best implement this vision?
33 I like the recent developments in this regard, namely the proposal for
34 the new managment structure and GLEPs (which as a formal way of
35 proposing new features for the distribution can do great things for
36 user-dev interaction). *But* another thing I'd like to see (which may
37 contradict some of my aforementioned thoughts), is Gentoo being a little
38 less of a moving target: clear definitions of goals for a certain
39 release, an easy to access roadmap (both should be taken care of by the
40 new managment structure), clear responsibility for package
41 maintainership (taken care of by herds I guess) and things like this.
43 About how to achieve this I'm not quite sure, although the BSD way of
44 -stable/-current seems to be a viable solution to some of my issues, it
45 somehow doesn't feel "gentooish" to me.
47 Regarding the for-profit/non-profit issue:
48 Coming from a Debian background I'd have nothing against seeing Gentoo
49 become non-profit, but I couldn't really blame anybody for the (IMHO
50 justified) desire to get some food for his work. Guess that's a tough
51 one, and maybe will take some time before a consensus can be reached...
53 Ok, it's already kinda late in my timezone, and I seem to write quite a
54 lot but say little with it, so maybe it's time to go to bed.
56 Michael
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