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From: Mikael Hallendal <hallski@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Secure Gentoo - What do you think?
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2002 04:51:29
Message-Id: 1010487111.773.2.camel@fluffy
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Secure Gentoo - What do you think? by Joachim Blaabjerg
1 mån 2002-01-07 klockan 17.13 skrev Joachim Blaabjerg:
2 > Hi people,
4 Hi!
6 > Recently, I asked mr. Robbins if I could use Portage in SuxOS, and we concluded
7 > with that a collaborative effort would be for the best. I've decided that I
8 > would really like to make a Portage "system profile" for SuxOS, as mr. Robbins
9 > suggested, and work with the Gentoo distribution (mainly Portage) as a base for
10 > SuxOS, effectively creating a security centralized version of Gentoo.
11 >
12 > How does this sound to you people?
14 This sounds very very nice in my ears. I have a few questions though.
16 Will this work be done on Gentoo or are you planning to use portage
17 SuxOS?
19 An interesting thought here would be to have some variable set in
20 make.conf that if set only lets you install packages from a list of
21 trusted apps/version. This would be a very flexible solution. Since it
22 lets you have the exact same operating system on your workstation/server
23 while having a really secure setup on your server.
25 > If any of you have any protests, suggestions, ideas or anything of the like,
26 > please drop me a line (off or on list, your choice). If I get positive response,
27 > I'll start learning the .ebuild files and install Gentoo on one of my machines
28 > (okay, I'll do that anyway... ;]).
30 Let us know if you have any problems.
32 Otherwise the only thing I have to say, welcome to the Gentoo community!
34 Regards,
35 Mikael Hallendal
37 --
38 Mikael Hallendal
39 Gentoo Linux Developer, Desktop Team Leader
40 CodeFactory AB, Stockholm, Sweden


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