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From: Andrew Muraco <tuxp3@×××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Multiple Repo Support
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 03:37:43
1 As i sit reading the current list of list emails about GLEP 42 I see
2 that the topic of Multiple Repos coming up over and over again. I wanted
3 to ask to see where that support is, and based on what feedback help
4 move along so that a standard can be produced. So, now with a few short
5 questions:
7 1. Would Multiple Repo support be GLEP worthy?
8 1.1. If so, Should I write a GLEP, or poke at some dev to do it? (i'm
9 more then willing and able to write a GLEP if that is what is required.)
10 2. What choices/options are on the table for this feature?
11 2.1. Which routes are more likely to be implemented?
12 2.2. Which method would you like to see?
13 2.3. Does backwards compatiblity really matter, as long as it doesn't
14 break people that are using older portage? (ex. once portage is upgraded
15 it will move x to y/x and so older versions wouldn't work, but since
16 only the new version would be installed it wouldn't be an issue.)
18 Now, that I've asked for some information I want to share one (hackish,
19 I guess) way that it could be done with minimal changing.
21 in /etc/make.conf:
22 RSYNC_REPONAME="rsync://.../"
23 with RSYNC=" .." being defaultly called 'gentoo' or 'portage'
25 that REPONAME would be used for the tree's folder name
26 /usr/repositories/REPONAME/
28 and 'emerge sync REPONAME' would sync only that repo, or 'emerge sync
29 [all]' would sync all
31 Anyways, thats just a quick thought I had on the topic.
33 Flames, comments, questions (and answers) welcome
34 Andrew Muraco
37 --
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