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From: Ben de Groot <yngwin@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev <gentoo-dev@l.g.o>, gentoo-desktop@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] The Gentoo Qt Project wants your help!
Date: Sat, 02 Mar 2013 06:54:34
1 The Gentoo Qt Project wants your help!
2 ======================================
4 The Gentoo Qt Project is a small team responsible for maintaining the Qt
5 libraries and associated applications within our beloved distro. Over time
6 the number of packages we maintain has grown. Not only is there quite some
7 work to be done to get the shiny new Qt5 version ready for the portage tree,
8 we now also have our own light-weight Qt-based desktop environment in
9 Razor-qt, as well as a growing number of Qt-based applications.
11 Recently a few of our team members have left to do other things, so we are
12 looking for new people to help us out! Whatever your skill level, there is
13 probably something you can do to help! We specifically are looking for
14 people to help us to do the following:
16 1. Get Qt5 ready for inclusion in the tree. This includes writing and
17 improving ebuilds and eclasses, testing to build those, filing bug reports
18 on failure, finding fixes for those bugs, reporting problems upstream. We
19 do development in the "qt" overlay, using git.
21 2. Application maintenance. At the moment we simply don't have the manpower
22 to actively maintain all Qt-based applications that we have an interest in.
23 A number of those could use a more dedicated maintainer. This can be either
24 a Gentoo developer or a proxy-maintainer. You would be responsible for
25 spotting version bumps, updating ebuilds, handling bug reports and contacting
26 upstream developers where necessary. An overview of the packages we
27 (co-)maintain is here:
28 For a specific list of packages we could use help with, see below.
30 3. Bug handling. See for our open bugs. We can use
31 help to test and confirm bugs and proposed patches; to see if bugs are filed
32 upstream and if there are patches available; to keep an eye on bug-fix
33 releases.
35 4. Documentation. We would like to see more user guides, and updates to our
36 FAQ, on the Gentoo Wiki.
38 What we can give you is a friendly developer team, with members spread all
39 over the world; assistance with ebuild writing skills; commit access to a
40 lively git-based overlay, even if you are not a developer; mentoring in case
41 you do want to become a developer; a dedicated #gentoo-qt IRC channel; and
42 the satisfaction that you help improving Gentoo, the distro we all love.
44 You can contact us on qt@g.o, or the #gentoo-qt IRC channel.
48 == New primary maintainer needed: ==
50 app-admin/keepassx
51 app-cdr/acetoneiso
52 app-editors/focuswriter
53 app-editors/tea
54 app-editors/znotes
55 dev-python/pyside and related packages
56 dev-util/beediff
57 dev-util/eggy
58 dev-util/monkeystudio
59 media-sound/mp3diags
60 media-video/avidemux (bundled libs)
61 media-video/qx11grab
62 net-im/psi (urgently needs to be updated to new release version)
63 net-libs/qmf (needs gcc-4.7 fix)
64 x11-misc/qtfm
67 == We could also use a hand with: ==
69 app-text/goldendict
70 dev-games/tiled
71 dev-util/xxdiff
72 media-gfx/nomacs
73 media-sound/coquillo
74 net-news/quiterss
75 net-news/rssguard
76 www-client/qupzilla
77 x11-misc/basqet
79 app-editors/qwriter
80 app-editors/qxmledit
81 app-emulation/qtemu
82 app-mobilephone/past
83 app-mobilephone/qtadb
84 app-office/qchartdiary
85 app-text/cb2bib
86 dev-db/dbmodel
87 dev-db/sqliteman
88 dev-libs/qjson
89 dev-libs/qoauth
90 dev-tex/qtexengine
91 dev-tex/texamator
92 dev-util/qfsm
93 dev-util/universalindentgui
94 dev-vcs/hgview
95 dev-vcs/qct
96 dev-vcs/qsvn
97 media-gfx/pencil
98 media-gfx/pictureflow
99 media-gfx/qosmic
100 media-gfx/qvv
101 net-analyzer/nmapsi
102 net-ftp/oneclickftp
103 net-ftp/qshare
104 net-ftp/scythia
105 net-im/qwit
106 net-misc/dnetstats
107 net-misc/netfleet
108 sci-calculators/qalculator
109 sci-visualization/kst
110 x11-misc/okindd
111 x11-misc/qps
112 x11-misc/qsynergy
113 x11-misc/tinymount
116 --
117 Cheers,
119 Ben | yngwin
120 Gentoo developer
121 Gentoo Qt project lead, Gentoo Wiki admin


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