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From: dams@×××.fr
To: Spider <spider@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] desktop
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 20:29:16
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] desktop by Spider
1 Spider <spider@g.o> said:
3 >
4 > 9) Decisions and communications
5 > All theese things need to be properly discussed and in the open. I was
6 > shocked to find out I suddenly got a manager who thought I was to run my
7 > decisions about including applications to the Gnome desktop by them, as
8 > well as the idea of a single uniformed Gentoo desktop is completely
9 > -appalling- to me.
11 What does that mean? do you already hate me ? :) C'mon, I started with the
12 classical linux desktop description (mdk, rh, ...) and made it fight with your
13 vision of gentoo desktop.
15 Sad but true, the only answerwe have is that we don't want their desktop. But
16 every propositions to change things from the vanilla state won't fit everybody.
17 So the bottom line is the vanilla state, for now. I'm trying to make you all
18 react so that we can find something else.
20 We won't agree on menu structure, because some of us will find that it's too
21 intrusive. Why change the background of frame buffer, loader, and not the DE
22 background?
24 And if you change the background with a big G, then why not change the default
25 theme? Each time we'll want to change a little thing, we will fight, argue, and
26 so on, because we want to have a gentoo desktop without changing anything.
28 I'd say : let don't do "gentoo desktop"! we just maintain the desktop vanilla
29 stuff. Default config is the vanilla one, changed to fit the (non desktop)
30 modification that have been done to the core gentoo. If the guy wants an
31 unified menu, he emerges the menu system, we provide the good config file. If
32 he wants a background for the frame buffer, he can put one himself...
34 That's the best solution : let's customize every pieces without thinking about
35 the global desktop experience. The user will choose which pieces to put
36 together.
38 I think that's the debian desktop. That's not that bad, debian desktop is rock
39 solid, stable, good looking once configured, and powerfull if you install the
40 powerfull stuff.
42 But you seem to want something else...
44 > In this regard the ruling cabal (ie, management)
45 > have flunked completely and their actions , and more
46 > importantly, inactions are to be questioned. This whole process could
47 > have been dealt with far nicer.
49 I'm sorry about that, I learned I could be the desktop leader 10 mins before we
50 argue together on irc.
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53 dams
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