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From: Joseph Booker <joe@××××××××××.net>
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Subject: [Fwd: Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: [gentoo-web-user] Hardened PHP now in Gentoo]
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 16:26:48
1 squalellmail really should have a feature where replying to a mailing list
2 defaults to emailing the list, not the person whos being replied to.....
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5 Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: [gentoo-web-user] Hardened PHP now in Gentoo
6 From: "Joseph Booker" <joe@××××××××××.net>
7 Date: Thu, May 20, 2004 11:25 am
8 To: "foser" <foser@g.o>
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12 foser said:
13 > Relatively speaking. Sure there's always a few users using them, but is
14 it worth what it adds in complexity ?
16 those who care to get the optional features, those interested in what the
17 package can do. ebuild hacking should be a last resort to fix something
18 that wouldn't compile or any such situtaution where there is an error,
19 nothing normal users should have to do provided the ebuild is
20 well-written. if you just use what you think are sensable defaults rather
21 then local use flags, then you will get bug reports of the users
22 submitting patchs to enable/disable these features to make the package
23 'better'. how much choice is that? the idea of using packages like
24 php-with-mysql will come up, things will get less maintainable, bugs for
25 people being forced to edit ebuilds and doing it wrong, or worse, the devs
26 could refuse to help them as they are using modified unoffical ebuilds
28 > To start : it is not equivalent, binary packaging is a mess of it's own
29 and ebuilding is starting to go that same way. And it used to be
30 perfectly fine to say such things ('edit it to your needs') and people
31 accepted that, because it was (is?) a breeze to edit simple builds
32 script for example. But somewhere along the way we moved to holding
33 hands for even the most obscure of setups.
35 perhaps the gentoo comunity is become less and less made up of developers
36 who know how ebuilds work and bash scripting, and is now more and more of
37 those who can't?
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