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From: wackman <domlau@××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] A couple of interesting things
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 02:16:16
1 Well, I've been having a ball with ebuild. I think I'm close to having
2 Gnome-1.4 on my system. Tonight, I just found out about emerge, so I'm
3 using that for my gnome-core.
5 One of the dependencies it tried to update was rpm-3.0.6-r1, but it
6 couldn't find a digest. I went into sys-arch/rpm and couldn't find
7 3.0.6-r1, but did find a regular 3.0.6. I ebuilt and merged it. When I
8 wen't back to gnome-core, was able to emerge where I left off (it
9 skipped rpm since I had just satisfied it).
11 I thought you guys should know about this inconsistancy. It's strange
12 that gnome-core (or one of its dependencies) wants rpm-3.0.6-r1, but the
13 latest rpm in the portage tree is 3.0.6. Does something need to be
14 recompiled?
16 I also have a stupid question. I've been wanting to respond to your
17 answers to my post, but can't find a way to reply via the web listing. I
18 can sort messages, but can't reply. This is why my responses have been
19 new posts. Is there a better way? I found I needed to re-enable the
20 messages to be emailed to me.
22 Again, Daniel, you were right. Creating my own digest did the trick. I
23 really haven't played with any of the tools enough to figure out little
24 nuances like that yet.
26 One more thing, I noticed that when emerge/ebuild is compiling stuff,
27 it's using march=486. I'm using a PIII and want the most optimized
28 binaries I can get. I changed /etc/make.defaults CFLAGS to m686, but
29 that hasn't seemed to help yet. Although, I am still using the same
30 xterm session from before. That might be it. Did I make the right change?
32 Thanks
34 Dominic


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