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Subject: [gentoo-dev] /etc/services
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 07:54:02

the Gentoo /etc/services file is way smaller, than the one from SuSE
and the one from IANA:
prometheus etc # wc -l services.* | head -n 3
    362 services.Gentoo
   8103 services.IANA
   5113 services.SuSE
prometheus etc # du -h services.*
15K     services.Gentoo
330K    services.IANA
207K    services.SuSE
prometheus etc #

Where does the Gentoo file come from? Is it self made, is it taken
from some BSD or maybe Debian?
I believe it's a good idea to use such a large /etc/services as the
one from IANA, as it acts as kinda port encyclopedia, at least for
me, sometimes :)

Something I've also noticed is that there are services names which
differ, like:

	Gentoo: pop-3
	IANA: pop3
	SuSE: pop3

Why the heck?! This renders some configuration files unusable for
interchaning in between SuSE and Gentoo machines without manual
interference :-(( Also the IANA AFAIK is the authoritative institution
for assigning service names to ports.

I've put up all three files at:

Why not use the /etc/services from IANA? I'm already doing that... :)
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