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From: George Shapovalov <george@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Ada compiler: split complete, naming suggestions for gnat-gpl?
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 09:47:16
1 Hi All.
3 This is to inform interested parties that the split (gnat => gnatgcc, gnatgpl,
4 gnatpro) that I was describing recently is now functional and I ma ready to
5 commit the reorganized gnat (p-masked of course at this point). Please see
6 #111340 for details:
9 One issue I wanted to discuss is the naming for the gnat-gpl one. The upstream
10 provides the source under the name of gnat-gpl-2005.tgz. However we have to
11 repackage and mirror it ourselves anyway (this was in fact conclusion from my
12 short discussion with upstream) -
13 1. upstream has it off dynamic lick that asks to login first (but th package
14 itself is GPL and they give explicit permission for all the
15 repackaging/mirroring as well)
16 2. The source, as provided, was missing two files, so is deficient in a
17 sense..
19 So, I have some freedom in making the name sane and src_unpack common to both
20 gnatgcc and gnat-gpl.
22 Problems with the name as it is: gnat-gpl-2005:
24 1. 2005 stands for the standard revision namme (as in Ada 2005) really rather
25 than for a particular version. While AdaCore (the upstream) promised to
26 change the name when they put out another snapshot I wouldn't hold my breath
27 - with such a name it is easy to forget this even if you have good
28 intentions..
30 2. It has a '-' before the number, thus technically making 2005 into a version
31 number, which is a bad choice for a version number.
33 3. It is inconsistent with gnatgcc naming (it is gnatgcc-3.4.5 atm), while it
34 uses the same backend..
36 4. Moving 2005 into a name looks stupid as well - this is just one of the
37 versions really, other packages went through more major changes while keeping
38 the same name and only incrementing major number..
41 I see two alternatives here:
43 1. gnat-gpl-2005.1. This keeps it closer to upstream, makes it look like a
44 more real version number and allows trivial increment if an update is
45 released soon (the nearest one is likely to be 2006.1 already although :))
47 2. gnat-gpl- This uses the backend gcc version as a base, adding a
48 "gnat release indicator" to track gnat-gpl specific changes. Further from
49 upstream naming but simplifies SLOT logic in eclass a lot (in the long run,
50 no need to issue one more conditional for another new version).
52 I am leaning more towards option one (gnat-gpl-2005.1), for "consistency with
53 upstream" reason, as it will be (potentially) less confusing to the users.
54 However I am interested in opinions..
56 gnatgcc gets renamed to gnat-gcc-3.4.5 for consistency (nothing is committed
57 yet, this is why I am trying to polish the names *now*!). Alternatively
58 gnat-gpl may loose a '-'. I do not have a clear preference on this one, so
59 again, if you care about Ada, plese voice your opinion (either here or in the
60 bug).
62 George
63 --
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