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From: Duncan <1i5t5.duncan@×××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] New website: Where the .... is the documentation link?
Date: Sun, 05 Apr 2015 04:42:35
Message-Id: pan$bca70$9cb437f5$205ab1cc$
1 TL;DR: (1) Please consider either making Documentation a top-level-menu
2 link (preferable), or at least change Support to Support and
3 Documentation. (2) On the documentation lander page, add a "one big
4 list" link to a browser-keyword-searchable list of docs, like the old
5 docs project page had.
7 Looking for the news glep to double-check the title header max char limit
8 (for the shorewall news-item thread was the first time I've had to use
9 the new website.
11 I *HATE* it! It's a NIGHTMARE to navigate, compared to the old one!
13 There's all this nice fuzzy buzzword bingo, but actually FINDING anything
14 like DOCUMENTATION is an exercise in frustration!
16 OK, no direct docs link. Well, "getting started" should have a nice
17 documentation link, since you don't get far on gentoo without docs... No,
18 not there... Well then, "learn more" CERTAINLY must lead to
19 documentation allowing you to do just that!... BLECH!!! NO!!! Nothing
20 there but more buzzword bingo (and a contact link and links to share more
21 of my interests with privacy-insensitive corporations that already know
22 too much about me at the bottom). OK, OK, Get involved must SURELY have
23 that doc link, since people will need some documentation in ordered to do
24 so!... Ugh, another rabbit trail... Oh, DUH! Must be under SUPPORT! OK,
25 there it is!
27 But even if I KNOW to look under support, it's STILL two clicks to
28 documentation, where it WAS just one!
30 And once on the documentation page, again, a whole bunch of fuzzy
31 categories! Where's the "one big list" link, where a simple browser
32 keyword search will immediately find the document for configuring gentoo
33 for whatever fancy technology you're wanting to get up and running, be it
34 something fancy like mdraid or lvm, or more basic like one's init system
35 of choice or sound or OpenGL?
37 But at least put a nice direct one-click link to docs direct on the front
38 page. Please?
40 (Tho unless it's directly in the main copy, I guess it'd still be two,
41 since you have to click that weird icon with no actual words saying it's
42 a menu, to open that, before you actually click what you want... *IF* you
43 can actually find or guess what it's called... on the waaayyy too vague
44 menu.)
46 --
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