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From: George Shapovalov <georges@×××××××××××.edu>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Contribute many ebuilds at once
Date: Sun, 09 Jun 2002 13:54:33
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Contribute many ebuilds at once by Marko Mikulicic
1 Hi guys.
3 I think you may be interested in taking a look at #1523:
5 This is a proposal of ebuild submission/processing system, that involves
6 streamlined submission, multiple stability levels, votes, even some ideas on
7 developer ratings :).
8 Its implementation is moving not particularly fast I should admit. Quite
9 expectedly, as it involves modifications to numerous subsistems and
10 resolution of other problems along the way (such as enhanced
11 masking/stability levels).
12 Any thoughts/comments are wellcome!.
14 George
16 --------------
18 Jeremiah Mahler wrote:
20 >
21 > I imagine it as something where the user configures the
22 > minimum level of packages that they are willing to install.
23 > For example, a user might only be willing to install packages
24 > that are stable or rated 4/5 by 20 or more people.
26 I'm not sure that many people would like this,
27 because nothing stops someone to multiple rate a package.
28 (you can make it difficult, but not so difficult).
30 It could be good, and perhaps an option for
31 non production systems used to test gentoo. But I think
32 that a clean cut somewhere must be made. For
33 example all packages non labeled definitive are placed
34 in a category. When you emerge rsync
35 the files are updated and the rating is contained in the .emerge
36 "RATING = 5". You can browse packages, install them by hand,
37 but they should not be used as depend for a stable ebuild.
38 This way an administrator has more control over what gets installed
39 and it can be a bit more relaxed when installing official packages.


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