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From: Javier Guerra <javier@×××××××.pe>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] don't forget about PPC
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 12:55:58
1 Hi
3 I'm a software developer, my main focus is on Macintosh and Linux development.
4 Mostly user interfaces on mac, and server apps on linux. That means using
5 linux on Intel hardware, since it's far cheaper. (very important on the third
6 world).
8 Of course, at home i want to use linux also as a workstation, not only as
9 servers, so i installed linux on my iMac; first YellowDog, but after trying
10 to upgrade from KDE 2 to 3, it became a whole mess of dependencies, and
11 incomplete packages.
13 Then, i found you had a PPC version of your distro; and it was perfect!! easy
14 to upgrade, and easy to configure to have exactly what i need, and no more.
15 I've been using it for servers on Intel too (instead of SuSE)
17 but i think now you're forgetting about the PPC plattform, after having SPARC.
19 first, it was with KDE 3.0.3; it has been available for some weeks now, and
20 you have it on the portage system... but only for x6. why? it has been
21 compiled and tested on all plattforms!
23 today i wanted to see if there was an update to kdevelop. but i found it's
24 Masked!! but i have been using it for months now!
26 why???
28 looking in the .ebuild files, it says it's for x86 and sparc. but i had it
29 installed on ppc before!
31 please! don't forget the PPC platform!
33 and it would also be nice if you had any indication why all those packages are
34 masked... it's so frustrating to read about some nice software for linux,
35 doing an emerge -s to see it's there, but not for me!
37 remember... not everbody is using MacOS X
39 --------
40 Javier


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