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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Why do you love Gentoo Linux?
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 10:25:41
1 Hi!
3 Although I am not a Gentoo developer, I saw the wiki post and thought I would
4 donate my 2-cents. :) FYI, my background is science/engineering not software
5 development so this might give you a little different perspective.
7 >Questions to answer:
8 >Why do you love Gentoo Linux?
10 Over the years I have migrated from slackware --> redhat --> debian -->
11 Linux from Scratch (LFS) --> gentoo (yea!). My debian period was motivated by
12 (IMHO) the superior package management. However, my need for easy optimization,
13 greater control and the most current software versions (esp.
14 science/engineering apps)lead me to LFS. LFS provided the optimization,
15 control and up-to-dateness (a good learning experience too), but the
16 accumulation of cruft from lack of package management was annoying. For me,
17 gentoo provides all of the above. In particlular, gentoo advantages for
18 science/engineering apps are:
20 1. optimization: even a modest 3-10% performance improvement can make a
21 significant impact on runtime for number crunching apps, i.e a 72 hour
22 molecular dynamics simulation.
24 2. control: easy to play with configuration for tweaking the build (see 1 above)
26 3. current versions: a lot of science/engineering apps are under constant
27 development to take advantage of the latest compilers, libraries, algorithms to
28 tweak performance (see 1 above).
30 4. did I mention optimization? :)
32 >What should our business strategy be? (achim and I have our own ideas, but how
33 >would *you* like things to evolve?)
35 You might have guessed, but I believe gentoo would be appealing to people
36 wanting a science/engineering workstation. This might be an additional market
37 segment for you. (I believe HP, IBM and others market Linux sci/eng
38 workstations.)
40 >What is Gentoo Linux going to be like in 18 months?
41 Here are some features I would like to see in increasing order of pie-In-the-
42 sky speculation.
44 1. kernel ebuilds check for /etc/kernel.config for default kernel config for
45 system.
47 2. a separate (build) config command in portage,
48 i.e ebuild foo.1.0.ebuild config
49 to allow manual ./configure tweaking between automatic unpack, make, install,
50 qmerge for cases where you want a rather esoteric build config that isn't of
51 suffieciently general interest to put in the ebuild script
53 3. app-security packages, i.e. portsentry, tripwire, etc.
54 I might try to contribute some security related packages in the future
55 (yes, I had a box rooted by a bot recently. That's what I get for not updating
56 bind, on a dial-up connection no less.)
58 4. System build configuration management via esr's CML2 kinda like what their
59 doing with CML2+OS at the embedded debian project. Hey, why not? Python is
60 already part of the gentoo system. :) Would allow fine-grained configuration
61 of USE setting. For example USE bar in the build of foo1 but not in the build
62 of foo2 when both foo1 and foo2 of the option of using bar.
64 That's my two-cents.
65 I think Gentoo is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Keep up the good work!
67 Tod M.
68 Neidt
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