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Subject: [gentoo-dev] re: package management using stow
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 17:23:51
1 > Has someone ever thought about using this?
3 Heck yea!! Until you mentioned stow just now, I didn't even know about it.
4 I always wanted to do that! I compile stuff by hand all the time, and the
5 best way to maintain things is to make sure that each pacakge sits in its own
6 dir, and that everything else is just a symlink. The worst you can get is a
7 few dangling symlinks if you remove the package. You can a) just carefully
8 remove all the appropriate links with the package or b) have a script that
9 checks for dangling symlinks and nukes them or c) both. It's clean,
10 efficient, and it makes sense.
12 Personally I really do NOT like when the packages are spread all over the
13 place. A piece here, a chunk's a big mess. I never, ever liked
14 that. Another thing I've seen is that not every package has 'make uninstall'
15 either. So, if you do NOT install it in one dir, it's a big mess. One time
16 I did that, and I was kicking myself as I was manually looking through 10
17 dirs for what might have or might have not belonged to the package.
19 If you have solid package management, then the importance of using this kind
20 of 'stow' scheme is not as great. It sure is the only way to go if you
21 hand-compile a lot.
23 Slightly off-topic: If I understand this right, emerge seems to delete the
24 sources after it is done with the build. I think it would be great if it
25 could permanently leave the sources installed, as an option, so that you
26 could tweak them by hand without tweaking .ebuild files.
28 --Leo


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