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From: Brian Harring <ferringb@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] NFP lack of progress
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 16:45:33
1 Hola.
3 Email's pretty simple- from where I'm sitting, there doesn't seem to
4 be any actual progress on trustees issues.
6 Current issues with no progress-
8 1) Copyright assignment. Check the nfp archives, last comment is sep
9 26th, seems to be totally dead.
12 2) bylaws. They're proposed. About it. Last update to the bylaws
13 doc was 10/24/05,
15 3) quarterly filings. We've got 2nd quarter '05 up
16 (04/01/05-07/30/05). Where's 3rd? 4th actually being worked upon?
17 I'm assuming the pages haven't been posted but the paperwork (whatever
18 there may be) has been handled.
21 Additionally, bank transfer is underway, but donnie is responsive on
22 it so not raising it as an issue.
25 General commentary from nfp members who have responded when I've poked
26 for updates is that there isn't much to do- 'k, we still have
27 outstanding issues that don't seem to have any progress occuring.
29 I've tried getting info out of -nfp ml regarding actual progress, but
30 thus far either no responses on issues at hand, or a repeat of same
31 state.
33 So I'd like to know the following-
35 1) where we're _actually_ at on these issues.
36 2) who is working on what
37 3) what _exact_ issues are holding folks up.
38 4) what is being done to resolve the hold ups.
39 5) What actual progress/work has been done thus far (no, don't need to
40 document something publically viewable like "wrote bylaws")
41 6) A rough schedule of when things are going to be accomplished. Not
42 asking for hard figures, but if you're held up by X, I'd like to know
43 when you expect X to be done so we can gauge how things are going.
45 Yes... email is a bit forceful, but if you look through the nfp
46 archives, this seems to be the remaining option available.
47 Additionally, we *do* elect trustee members, so transparency here is a
48 bit of requirement- otherwise, it's pretty damn hard to vote out the
49 slackers if we can't identify who they are (this is assuming folks are
50 slacking of course, which may not be the case).
52 Finally, this is intentionally sent to -dev rather then the sekret
53 flame-war arena that is -core, as I stated above, transparency is
54 required.
56 ~harring


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