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Subject: [gentoo-dev] production vs enterprise and the direction of Gentoo
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 17:57:50
1 I really enjoyed last weeks discussion about enterprise, devs, and
2 users. But I think a significant number of users don't fall into any of
3 those categories... well at least I don't.
5 I'm an admin and have only worked in ISP, NSP, hosting, and startup
6 gigs. These systems tend to be fast moving, customer and feature driven,
7 and a bit on the bleeding edge. I don't believe any of those
8 environments fall into what is normally considered "enterprise", but
9 they are production systems with a premium on flexibility over stability
10 much like a Linux distribution we all know and love. :)
12 Running Gentoo in production has been a competitive advantage for us.
13 Need tomcat installed? Here it is. Need PHP5? Here it is. Need XML
14 nonsense in PHP? Here it is. Need a Mysql driven virtual mail system?
15 Here it is. At the time to do the above on most stable or enterprise
16 systems would have involved waiting for the packages I wanted to be
17 releases 12-18 months after the fact or becoming a dev. Neither are a
18 great use of my time. I'll take a few thousand random Gentoo users
19 posting on the forums over a QA department of just me. So rather than
20 see Gentoo think about doing or not doing enterprise type stuff like
21 long releases, support contracts, etc I think most of us LAMP, MRTG,
22 Nagios, BIND, Postfix, Qmail, Postgres, thttpd, Courier, etc geeks would
23 like "just a bit more stability" rather than the overhead that comes
24 with enterprise features.
26 Some people really like the idea of snapshots. I'm not completely sold
27 on it, but would find it interesting if it were 6 month snapshots or
28 less. I like the idea of meta builds. I'd be even more interested in
29 snapshotting only the meta build rather than the whole OS. The mail
30 server stays stable, but the rest updates as normal... I'm sure that
31 idea will turn out to have significant drawbacks. Reverse dependency
32 checking... been discussed to death and we all know it's coming. Once
33 it's working well that's going to eliminate a number of problems
34 especially if it'll warn you at the emerge -upv level that some updates
35 are going to require a revdep-rebuild rather than after the fact.
37 To be honest /etc/portage/* tends be enough control for me, but I've
38 been doing admin work for 9 years. And I've got a test environment that
39 I use religiously. I do however answer a lot of questions in the Network
40 and Security forum where up and coming admins aren't so lucky. I don't
41 think any of us expect a foolproof system, but there is room for a bit
42 more stability that'll benefit all users... especially admins. :)
44 Hopefully this sparks some more interesting debate.
46 kashani
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