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From: Onne Gorter <o.gorter@×××××××××××××××.nl>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] bug features etc.
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 01:50:57
1 Hi there,
2 first of all: thank you, I have been looking for something like gentoo linux
3 for some time, I like it.
5 then: some sugestions on emerge:
6 * make a --fake option only adding the package to the database, without
7 doing anything else! Helps with mozilla etc, so I can install mozilla 0.9.9
8 without an ebuid. Of course make sure you point out it is for experts only!
9 * make a --binairy option so that if available it will get the binairies
10 instead of building a source package, which sometimes is just too much for
11 what it is worth: like mozilla, gnome, xfree, evolution etc. But I want the
12 latest, so --usepkg won't do.
14 then: a nasty bug which for which I cannot give you exact listings, since it
15 happend during bootstrapping. Somehow a package started complaining that gcc
16 could not build binairies. (about 30min in the process, sorry, that's all I
17 can say) I tried the latest iso: 1.0r6-17. That was a shame, I had to do a
18 binairy install. Which brings me to my last point:
20 How can I (savely) update my basic packages like gcc glibc etc? Can I just
21 do an emerge and it will be allright? Perhaps it would be nice if there was
22 a manual about installing the binairy release and later (in the background,
23 or when time is available) recompile those binairies.
25 greetz Onne (netherlands)
27 PS: Sorry, I won't do a bug report, don't really know how and have to make
28 an account.


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