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From: Grant Goodyear <g2boojum@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Well, that was, um, interesting
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2007 22:01:54
1 I've been away for a few days, so somehow I missed the great
2 drobbins/ciaranm debate, where many, many current and former devs
3 behaved badly. (At the same time, I thought that genone and antarus
4 behaved quite well. I'm sure others did, too, but those two stood
5 out to me.)
7 Drobbins, many things have changed since you left--some even for the
8 better, although that may be hard to believe right now. Civility,
9 however, has not been one of those. I'll try to answer some of the
10 questions you've asked. No, there is no current requirement for
11 copyright transfer, but the primary goals of the Gentoo Foundation are
12 still to protect Gentoo's intellectual property and to provide an
13 infrastructure that can handle funds. As gregkh pointed out, it has
14 become increasingly clear that copyright transfer is not the only
15 solution to proecting IP; the model that the Linux kernel has been using
16 seems to work quite well. So, finding the appropriate solution for us
17 has been elusive, and we're still working on it (with the help of legal
18 counsel). We've also worked hard to open up the culture a bit, so that
19 people who are not devs can still meaningfully contribute beyond just
20 filing bugs. That has little to do with ciaranm working on PMS, though.
21 In that case he's working on the spec because spb volunteered to work on
22 it, and spb realized that by creating an alternative to portage, ciaranm
23 had more knowledge of the current behavior of portage than anybody else,
24 except, possibly, for the current portage devs (who I don't believe
25 wanted the job) and the pkgcore folks (who are developing another
26 alternative to portage). That's an asset that spb felt was worthwhile.
27 Of course, one may reasonably argue that ciaranm's ability to send
28 people right over the edge makes him more of a liability than an asset.
29 I'm probably forgotten to answer several of your questions, but you are
30 always welcome to ask me, and I will do my best to answer. Welcome
31 back, by the way. (You may think you've left, but my recollection is
32 that we have a cooling-off period before you're really retired.)
34 I haven't had a chance to view the video that vapier mentioned. Anybody
35 want to provide a synopsis? I'd much appreciate it.
37 Personally, I'm with seemant. I'd much prefer it if people would just
38 be civil even when others are not. (Hey, if everybody's allowed one
39 seriously bad day per year, we have enough devs that on any given day
40 _someone's_ going to be having his or her allotted bad day!)
42 That said, I'm not necessarily opposed to mandating civility, a la
43 Ubuntu. I do see a minor problem with that approach, though: right now
44 it is not clear that Gentoo has a group of devs who are sufficiently
45 trusted and willing to actually punish incivility. Thoughts?
47 -g2boojum-
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