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From: Olivier Fisette <ribosome@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] use.mask'ing and packages in the testing branch
Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2005 17:20:17
1 Hi,
3 I have a question about masked USE flags and packages in the
4 testing branch. I have a problem with "sci-biology/emboss", a
5 sequence analysis package I maintain that was keyworded ~amd64 a
6 few days ago. Six packages (containing various genetic and
7 biological data) in the tree have optional EMBOSS support that
8 may be enabled using the corresponding USE flag. EMBOSS PDEPENDs
9 on these six packages, because they are necessary for a complete
10 EMBOSS installation but cannot be installed before EMBOSS as
11 they have to be indexed using EMBOSS programs.
13 These six packages in turn depend on EMBOSS, but only if optional
14 EMBOSS support is turned on. The reason is these packages may be
15 used without EMBOSS (although that is rarely the case, some
16 users appreciate that and I do not want to force over 200
17 programs on someone just for installing a small amino acid
18 properties database).
20 The end result is that in order to have EMBOSS work on a given
21 arch, the six depending packages must also be keyworded, *and*
22 the emboss USE flag must be enabled by default. Otherwise, the
23 users would be left with the PDEPENDencies built without EMBOSS
24 support, and many EMBOSS programs (some of which are very
25 important and popular) would be broken.
27 The problem is that on amd64, the "emboss" USE flag is still
28 masked and is not in the default USE flags like it is for other
29 arches that support EMBOSS (see bug #105086 [1]). I was told
30 that demasking USE flags is only done when packages hit the
31 stable branch. (I do not know why and would appreciate an
32 explanation.) It also seems that architecture conditional
33 dependencies are deprecated. I still believe that unmasking the
34 keyword would not break anything since no amd64 stable package
35 has optional EMBOSS support and, of course, no such package
36 should be stabilised until EMBOSS itself is stable.
38 The bottom line is EMBOSS is currently keyworded ~amd64 but
39 broken on amd64. This is a known bug and should be easy to fix,
40 but if we cannot demask the USE flag or use architecture
41 conditional dependencies, I really have no idea how to fix this.
43 Thoughts or suggestions anyone?
45 [1]
47 --
48 Olivier Fisette (ribosome)
49 Gentoo Linux Developer
50 Scientific applications, Developer relations


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