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From: Chris Gianelloni <wolf31o2@g.o>
To: Jeff Smelser <tradergt@×××××××.org>
Cc: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] KDE 3.2.3
Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2004 18:12:46
Message-Id: 1089397003.11041.108.camel@localhost
1 On Fri, 2004-07-09 at 12:34, Jeff Smelser wrote:
2 > > Is it 100% necessary to stay on the latest package? Was there a
3 > > security vulnerability fixed by the new version? If not, upgrading
4 > > simply because there is a newer version isn't always our top priority.
5 > > Often times, we are simply too busy to write a new ebuild, test the new
6 > > ebuild, and commit it for every version. In many cases we are
7 > > understaffed, even with our enormous developer base.
8 >
9 > You missed it. Both of these HAVE ebuilds.. Its just a matter of changing them
10 > over to x86 from ~x86. Thats my point, how hard can this be?
12 Well, editing the file and committing it to the tree is definitely the
13 easiest part. Have you bothered looking for bugs related to these
14 ebuilds in bugzilla? Perhaps there is something holding back the
15 ebuilds from being marked stable. Putting *any* ebuild in the stable
16 tree has far-reaching implications, and we want to be very sure that it
17 has the least amount of errors possible.
19 > Yes, Kde sent out a maintance release, and kdenetwork has the fix for the
20 > yahoo bug.
21 >
22 > > You have to remember that many of us are volunteers and are unable to
23 > > spend a large amount of time on Gentoo. We have jobs, families, and
24 > > other commitments than Gentoo.
25 >
26 > Your right. Read above, the time was spend already creating the ebuilds. AND,
27 > new ebuilds are being created but nothing is being moved to x86. Thats my
28 > issue. Not about when the ebuilds are created.
30 They get moved when the maintainers feel that they are tested enough.
31 Your "issue" is that things aren't moving fast enough for your liking,
32 and I've told you how to solve it. What you do from here is your
33 choice, but I can tell you that there's only one decision you can make
34 that'll affect Gentoo, and that is helping out.
36 > > With Gentoo, it really does hold true that if you want something done,
37 > > you should do it yourself. Create ebuilds. Post them to
38 > > If you think a package has been in testing too long,
39 > > report not only on your failures, but also on your successes. Many
40 > > times packages will be delayed simply because there hasn't been enough
41 > > testing done, or the package simply gets forgotten about for a while.
42 > > We are a community-based distribution. For things to get done quickly,
43 > > we *require* the help of the community.
44 >
45 > Read above. And I do create ebuilds when I need them. And I have upgraded to
46 > the new kde. That doesn't change the fact that its a pain to stay in x86 when
47 > you manually have to upgrade things all the time since they sit in the ~x86
48 > tree for months.. (in some cases)
50 Why are you in such a rush to upgrade? I'm just curious.
52 If you find something that is working, report it. Don't wait around
53 like a lump and then complain when we're not moving fast enough for your
54 tastes.
56 Most packages move to stable fairly quickly. Things like
57 Gnome/KDE/X/GCC/glibc usually take longer simply because *MUCH* more
58 testing needs to go into them due to the impact on our users.
60 > And don't give me emails about moving up to ~x86. Why have the two versions
61 > for a reason. if we are all gonna sit in ~x86, then why even go have it.
63 I wouldn't suggest moving up to ~arch, at all. I would suggest either
64 having some patience, or helping out.
66 --
67 Chris Gianelloni
68 Release Engineering QA Manager/Games Developer
69 Gentoo Linux
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