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From: Donnie Berkholz <spyderous@g.o>
To: Gentoo Developers <gentoo-dev@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Find apps not ported to modular X
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 01:05:59
1 I hacked together a script this afternoon to find any packages that are
2 not yet ported to modular X. It will only work on systems _with modular
3 X installed_. This is because it works by using emerge to check for
4 blockers, then resolving those blockers down to a single package.
6 Try it out and let me know how it works. If you want to watch it at work
7 and have confidence that it didn't freeze or anything, add "set -o
8 xtrace" up near the top. For my Athlon 2000+, it takes about 1.5 minutes
9 to track down 2 packages in my 650-package world file.
11 If you find bugs, please report them with a patch attached. If you can't
12 come up with a patch, definitely include your world file so others can
13 try to reproduce.
15 Thanks,
16 Donnie


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Re: [gentoo-dev] Find apps not ported to modular X Donnie Berkholz <spyderous@g.o>
Re: [gentoo-dev] Find apps not ported to modular X Donnie Berkholz <spyderous@g.o>