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From: (Brian M. Rzycki)
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] ebuild optional dependancy question
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 09:23:19
1 Hello everyone!
3 I'm a recent convert to gentoo from debian (at least on my workstation)
4 and I love it!
6 Gentoo doesn't have two of my favorite programs available as .ebuilds.
7 No big deal, I decided to roll up my sleeves and get cracking on
8 creating them for everyone. And herein lies the problem.
10 The first program (zile -- was a breeze using the
11 skel.ebuild. I plan on uploading it to bugs as soon as I get my second
12 ebuild correct.
14 The second program (yafc -- is not as
15 straightforward as zile. For the uninitiated, yafc is an interactive
16 ftp client similar to lftp with support for socks4/5, kerberos4/5, and
17 sftp. Yafc's configure script automatically enables/disables ssh and
18 readline if it finds the libraries. The same is not true for socks and
19 kerberos. I merged kth-krb (kerberos4) and saw it installed everything in
20 /usr/athena. When I manually gave configure the parameter
21 --with-krb4=/usr/athena it compiled with kerberos4 support. I had similar
22 results with dante (socks4/5).
24 After discovering I had to manually apply parameters to the configure
25 script in order for socks/kerberos support I went looking for use
26 variables. I planned on using the "if [ -z "use_var" ]" trick from the
27 gentoo-howto. Unfortunately I didn't see either socks or krb4/5 use
28 variables.
30 So my question is this: What is the correct gentoo way of discovering
31 these packages? Should I consult /var/db/pkg/app_group/app_name* to see
32 if the program is installed? Should I check the physical location for
33 the libraries (a la -d /usr/athena)? Or am I just a numbskull and
34 missing some obvious feature of portage which makes my life much easier?
36 Any help is appreciated -- I'd love to maintain a couple of ebuilds for
37 everyone. It sure seems easier being a maintainer for gentoo than for
38 debian ;).
40 --
41 Brian M. Rzycki
42 "Alright, WHO let the polack near the computer?!?"


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