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From: Olivier Fisette <ribosome@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] category sci-geosciences redundant ?
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 04:31:33
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] category sci-geosciences redundant ? by Mike Frysinger
1 On Wednesday, 16 March, 2005 09:17 pm, Mike Frysinger wrote:
2 > is it just me or does it seem redundant to have 'sciences' at the end of a
3 > sci-* category ? wouldnt it make more sense as just 'sci-geo' ?
4 > -mike
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6 > gentoo-dev@g.o mailing list
8 This was discussed on gentoo-science just before I created the categories and
9 moved the packages. I decided to use full names for the sake of clarity,
10 since some of the acronyms were not obvious and I wanted to be consistent for
11 all sci-* categories. "sci-geo" is a good example. Does it mean geology or
12 geography, does it include meteorology? "sci-geosciences" obviously includes
13 all these. I agree its redundant, but I could not find anything better.
14 "sci-ee" is another. While some people seemed to think ee is a really obvious
15 abbreviation, I had no idea what it meant and prefered "sci-electronics".
17 After GLEP 34 is implemented, descriptions will be available for the
18 categories so clear category names will be a bit less important. If you want
19 all packages in sci-* moved again, though, I think you will have to do it
20 yourself. And unless epkgmove has improved since I last used it, this will be
21 boring and error prone. :(
23 Regards,
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26 Olivier Fisette (ribosome)
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