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From: Mike Frysinger <vapier@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] LWE/Boston 2006 summary
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2006 23:09:06
1 here's a big old brain dump of all the fun stuff that went down this year
3 - the dual core amd64 demo machine was running XGL and some movies like FF7
4 Advent Children (due later this month in the US btw!) ... this was such a
5 pimp demo, it caught everyone's attention ... and the best part was, opensuse
6 was across from us with nothing to show but free hats ... so bad when we
7 snipe their tech demos and get the credit ;x
9 - quad g5 ppc64 running e17 and burning livecds for people on the fly (by far
10 the i686/installer was the most popular but amd64 was pretty strong too ...
11 we gave away prob like 8 ppc and 4 ppc64 cds)
13 - laptop hooked up to a projector showing off the graphical installer (props
14 by the way to the guys who write this thing ... the 2006.0 version is really
15 quite damn mature)
17 - lots of interest in kickstart-like features in our installer ... people want
18 to throw install media into a fresh box, boot it, and come back later and
19 have it be done/usuable
21 - x86/amd64 usage was quite common
23 - bunch of ppc/laptop guys that JoseJX was fixing bugs for :)
25 - people were interested in expanding our Gentoo/binary package support ...
26 basically, more up-to-date and more expanded GRP stuff
28 - i got one guy with a room of ia64 workstations
30 - chatted with another about s390/s390x
32 - bunch of interest in Gentoo on arm based PDA's
34 - random cross-compiling stuff with mips targets (embedded and SGI)
36 - people wanted to buy shirts/hats ... they werent so interested in going
37 online, they wanted to buy from us right then and there ... we had to explain
38 that our NFP status is still in the air and we cant take the chance of
39 screwing up
41 - unisys' sound system caught on fire on the first day, it was pretty cool
43 - amd64 marketting guys love us long time ... first they gave us amd lanyards
44 to replace the intel ones, then they were redirecting people who had
45 questions about gaming on linux and such to our booth :)
47 - the i-hydra guys had this sick ass machine that they wanted us to install
48 Gentoo on for demoing at LWE (chris can fill in these details cause he did it
49 with the graphical installer)
51 - people like Gentoo stickers
53 - the information cards that cshields sent us were friggin awesome
55 - devs need to make personal Gentoo business cards cause when people ask for
56 *your* card, you look retarded when you say you have none (i know i felt
57 retarded ;x) ... some just want a generic Gentoo business card and the ones
58 we had were great, but when you get into real conversations, the guy wants to
59 follow up later with *you*
61 - in general, we had a pretty strong showing; in devs (i lub you all), in
62 users, and in people who had heard of us but were interested in learing more
63 or why we were "better" than say Ubuntu/Fedora/etc... (their words ... it's
64 best imo if you take the approach of how our distro *differs* rather than
65 falling into how we're "better" than others ... it's up to the user to figure
66 out which distro is better *for them*)
68 - the Debian booth was missing, quite sad :(
70 - the KDE booth had a friggin Jacksons Chameleon ... he was so cool looking
72 - we were invited to a convention O'Reilly hosts (forgot the name)
74 - we were invited to a convention mysql hosts (forgot the name)
76 - same general feeling as we've seen over time ... people mention they use
77 Gentoo in corporate envs, but more hidden in the background and no real
78 public acknowledgment that they do it ... mostly because we cant offer any
79 sort of corporate support like RedHat/SuSE can
81 - LWE this year had more business suite types that just "dont get"
82 opensource ... so devs should be prepared to meet people and try to explain
83 that we give away everything ... real open source does not involve free
84 crippleware (like the cruel joke Oracle plays with their "express" version),
85 we do this for fun, and we dont actually get paid to do this stuff ... but
86 dont feel bad if you cant get the message through, some suits will never "get
87 it"
89 that's all i got, i'm sure the other guys that were there can chime in with
90 their experiences (i almost got rajiv to ride piggy back ... maybe next year)
91 -mike
92 --
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