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Subject: [gentoo-dev] New developers / polish invasion :)
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 23:55:06
Message-Id: 20050914235241.GA11652@kloeri
1 Hi all.
3 We have two new developers from Poland.
5 Krzysiek Pawlik (nelchael) is going to help with the influx of
6 desktop-misc bugs. I'll let Krzysiek introduce himself:
8 "I want to help maintain my distribution of choice. I've been helping
9 for some time, reporting bugs, posting patches and ebuilds. I'm also an
10 active member of Gentoo forums, where I'm a moderator in Polish forum.
11 Also I think that I could do ( (ab)use my skills ;) ) something useful
12 for the community by actively developing on the distribution."
14 Marcin Kryczek (mkay) is also from Poland. Marcin is going to help with
15 net-p2p stuff. Besides an obvious interest in all things Gentoo, Marcin
16 introduces himself as follows:
18 "I live in Katowice, Poland. I've just get diploma degree (faculty:
19 Computer Science). I work in small company as system administrator for
20 about half a year. Besides computers i like to listen to a music (all
21 kinds of Rock), watching movies (preferably in cinema) and going to
22 pubs with friends (i'm definitly outgoing kind of person)"
24 Please give them a warm welcome :)
26 Regards,
27 Bryan Østergaard
29 --
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