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From: Paul de Vrieze <pauldv@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Finger GLEP
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 08:24:41
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Finger GLEP by Aron Griffis
1 Aron Griffis said:
2 > I really like this idea for the following reasons:
3 >
4 > 1. Information about devs should be sourced from the devs home
5 > directory. It means each dev can maintain their own data, and it
6 > avoids the problem of having a separate area of which devs need to be
7 > aware. Using fingerd automatically meets this "requirement".
8 >
10 There are advantages and disadvantages. For pgp keys I personally believe
11 that this is not the way to go. In case a dev box gets rooted it is very
12 easy for a hacker to update a .gpgkey file, but if we would have an
13 authenticated and automated process changing the key in the ldap database
14 (through an easy to use script) that would increase security a lot while
15 still getting all the data at one place. I think the plan file can indeed
16 be sourced from a .plan file in the homedir. But a gpg in general hardly
17 gets updated, so a bit more formal access is waranted in this case.
19 I believe the choice has been made to centralize the developer database on
20 ldap. As such I believe that if we want to provide a finger service it
21 will need to be ldap aware and pull most information from ldap, and/or
22 other sources. For example for projects the current plan is to create
23 project.xml files containing information about the project. Including who
24 is part of the project. There is no final structure yet, but once we do
25 have it, it will be the definite authority on who works on which project.
26 I believe having people maintain seperate information in their homedirs is
27 not the way to go as it will lead to incomplete and inaccurate data, and
28 also diminishes the need for developers to keep the definite information
29 up to date. (Yes that means that I think the next version of the developer
30 list will be autogenerated)
32 > 2. If we want to make dev information available on the web as well, it
33 > can easily be harvested (once per hour, as somebody mentioned the
34 > website is updated) from the dev's home dirs.
35 >
36 > 3. I agree with Tavis regarding the ease of using finger to lookup
37 > per-developer information such as gpg keys. Using the web is not
38 > quick.
39 >
40 I don't mind the use of finger as the retrieval protocol, but in this case
41 the server probably needs to be updated to get its information from other
42 sources.
44 >
45 > It seems like a good (usable/maintainable/secure) solution to me, and as
46 > Tavis has mentioned, it's already in use by a number of major open
47 > source projects.
49 Well, I see the use of finger as a protocol for information retrieval, but
50 I don't think that a standard fingerd will do the job. One way to do
51 things is to have a configuration file somewhere that specifies plugin
52 programs that supply the fingerd with information. What I mean is for
53 example the following:
55 /etc/fingerd/plugins:
56 getplan=/usr/gentoo/bin/getplan
58 and
59 "getplan pauldv" would then return my plan (by catting .plan from my homedir)
60 "getkey pauldv" though would get my key from the ldap server and would
61 output it to fingerd
63 Paul
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