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From: Chris Gianelloni <wolf31o2@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] desktop
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 13:53:55
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1 On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 08:52, dams@×××.fr wrote:
2 > I think a perfect corporate desktop would :
3 >
4 > - be cheap
5 > - be installable by not so good technical guys quickly
6 > - be useable at soon as it is installed
7 >
8 > Now if the guy has to configure each workstation, it's not very convenient...
10 Actually, the corporate world works quite a bit differently.
12 - Decide on standard hardware/software platform
13 - Install software onto chosen hardware platform, including setting up
14 all standard software
15 - create Ghost image of "standard" platform
16 - multicast images to all other machines
18 Even in the most complex situations, the configuration is only done
19 once.
21 It is impossible to create a good "corporate desktop" because quite
22 simply, no two places will ever have the same needs. Creating a simple,
23 easy-to-use default setup is the closest you can come to this goal.
24 There will always be custom software to install that is specific to that
25 one company/office/department that is different from everyone else. Why
26 add a bunch of cruft that isn't needed and only needs to be removed
27 later?
29 I honestly think the "desktop" is a bad idea as a goal. It is paramount
30 to going to the school bully's house, calling him out, then slapping
31 him. We should really be focusing on making everything in our
32 distribution more consistent and accessible. The end-product desktop is
33 always something different from the original and is always tailored to
34 the specific user. Making things easier to locate and having a
35 consistent interface is the best way of competing in the desktop arena.
36 Also, documentation is definitely most important. My hat's off to the
37 documentation team and to everyone whom has submitted documentation.
38 The reason Gentoo is as popular as it is today is 100% because of the
39 amazing amount of resources we have available for a user to find the
40 answers to any questions that he may have.
42 My conclusion is this: Make the system more consistent and convenient,
43 and the desktop will follow.
45 --
46 Chris Gianelloni
47 Developer, Gentoo Linux
48 Games Team
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