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Subject: [gentoo-dev] desktop
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 22:16:58
1 Hello, Here are some thoughts about desktop. Feel free to react, but please, if
2 you can, think about it long enough to post your comments all at once in a
3 comprehensive manner, so that we can easily summ up and take everything in
4 account. Note that we don't want to resolve every little problem here, but have
5 a set of directions, tasks and ideas
8 * What is desktop :
9 desktop would be the project responsible of the desktop part of gentoo Linux,
10 without making global decision, like : should we build a special product for
11 desktop, should we have a modified install, should we restrict some possibility
12 to default...
14 * The gentoo things that would be handeld by the desktop project :
15 X, KDE, gnome, other desktop environment (wmaker, rox, xfce...)
16 *dm (xdm, kdm, gdm, ...)
17 menu system (use gentoo menu system, or get the debian one)
19 * The tasks :
20 - maintain the project component
21 - decide general guidelines to be applied on the desktop project components
22 (do we want DE unification and how much, look and feel, menu entries, default
23 desktop, gentoo control center integration in DE...)
24 - write guidelines to be more (free)desktop compliant, to be used by the whole
25 gentoo devs for their packages.
26 - have a little research and development task to suggest integration of new
27 things in gentoo, that will make the desktop experience better (f.ex. bootsplash, new
28 DE, new GUIs (karamba like, ...))
31 desktop may need some other part/project, like some usefull packages (menu),
32 configuration tools, unique control center... That's why we might begin with a
33 representation of what would the perfect desktop product be, and see if we have
34 everything we need in gentoo. If not, then we might suggest the creation of
35 additional projects, or inclusion of needed component.
37 --
38 dams
40 --
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