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From: "Rémi Cardona" <remi@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] [RFC] Major changes to the Gnome2 Eclasses
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 07:15:14
1 Hi folks,
3 During the past few weeks, I've been working on fixing and improving the
4 Gnome2 eclasses wrt bug #155993. We plan on pushing these eclasses to
5 portage before the Great Gnome 2.22 Unmask so that users can start
6 benefiting from the improvements during the upgrade to 2.22.
8 URL :
11 The 2 major changes :
12 - the list of GConf schemas to be installed is saved in an env
13 variable at pkg_preinst instead of grepping through VDB.
14 - the gtk icon cache is now updated in a less brutal way. Again, the
15 list of themes to be recached is saved in an env var. The current
16 portage version updates _all_ the themes in /usr/share/icons in order
17 not to use VDB.
19 As can be seen, this new eclass relies heavily on the the environment
20 variable saving that was recently added to portage, mostly to be PM
21 independent and to improve performance.
23 This is where I kindly request the help of fellow Gentoo devs and PM
24 developers :
25 - the gnome2 eclass now has a pkg_preinst, if you do multiple
26 inherits, make sure that gnome2_pkg_preinst is called too. The
27 _games_eclass_ is one of those.
28 - if you use functions from the gnome2-utils.eclass, things may not
29 work as expected. The _xfce_eclasses_ are on that list.
30 - can bash gurus kindly review the eclasses?
31 - can PM people tell us about other issues that I may have overlooked?
33 For info, these eclasses have been in the gnome overlay for 2 months now
34 and the current versions prove to be very stable.
36 *Please* review these eclasses because with a simple grep, I could find
37 over _1000_packages_ that inherited gnome2.eclass. But many more use
38 other eclasses that depend on gnome2-utils.
40 Thanks
42 Rémi
43 --
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