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From: Bart Verwilst <verwilst@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Proposition for stage3.
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 11:22:31
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Proposition for stage3. by Dan Naumov
1 On Tuesday 18 June 2002 17:52, Dan Naumov wrote:
2 || Hello.
4 Hi!
6 || I just thought I'd share an idea I had about stage3. I think it would be
7 || nice if it was usable for systems older then i686 and if it used -O1 or
8 || -O2 instead of -O3. The reasons are simple:
9 ||
10 || The majority of the people who actually want to use stage3 do so because
11 || of the time it takes to build the ENTIRE system from scratch. This
12 || mainly applies to old PC's, which are obviously older then i686. I've
13 || seen quite a few people on #gentoo complain that it is a major pain in
14 || the ass to install Gentoo on an old system.
16 Gentoo 1.3a is already available for both i586 and i686, and i think 1.3b will
17 be available for even more archs.. not 100% sure which ones though.. Maybe
18 i486, for the very low-end gateways out there :o) Others are k6, athlon, ...
20 || As for -O1 / -O2 instead of the default -O3, it's just that some people
21 || want to be "safe". I've had all kinds of weirnesses and unexplainable
22 || crashes due to software compiled with -O3 and no other optimisations.
23 || These problems always went away after a recompile with -O2. And I am
24 || pretty sure I am not the only one who thinks that way, because many
25 || people I know got "burned" when utilising heavy opts.
27 Well, i maintain the gentoo 1.3 series of tarballs, and i think -O3 is what
28 most of the people who want to download the tarballs want. -O3 is stable for
29 the base system as far as i know, and the majority wants -O3.. I think if you
30 want other flags than the ones in the tarball, just use stage2, and recompile
31 it yourself.. At least that's my opinion on things.. IMHO -O3 isn't all that
32 crazy for general use.
34 --
35 Bart Verwilst
36 Gentoo Linux Developer, Desktop Team
37 Gent, Belgium


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