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Subject: [gentoo-embedded] ARM summit at Plumbers 2011
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2011 18:17:02
Hi folks,

Following on from the founding of the cross-distro ARM mailing list,
I'd like to propose an ARM summit at this year's Linux Plumbers
conference [1]. I'm hoping for a slot on Thursday evening, but this
remains to be confirmed at this point.

We had some lively discussion about the state of ARM Linux distros at
the Linaro Connect [2] event in Cambridge last week. It rapidly became
clear that some of the topics we discussed deserve a wider audience,
so we're suggesting a meetup at Plumbers for that bigger
discussion. The initial proposed agenda is:

 * ARM hard-float
   + What is it and why does it matter?
   + How can distributions keep compatible (i.e. gcc triplet to
     describe the port)?

 * Adding support for ARM as an architecture to the Linux Standard
   Base (LSB)
   + Does it matter?
   + What's needed?

 * FHS - multi-arch coming soon, how do we proceed?

 * 3D support on ARM platforms
   + Open GL vs. GLES - which is appropriate?

but I'm sure that other people will think of more issues they'd like
to discuss. :-)

If you wish to attend, please reply to the cross-distro list and let
us know to expect you. Make sure you're registered to attend Plumbers
Conf, and get your travel and accommodation organised ASAP.


Steve McIntyre                                steve.mcintyre@××××××.org
<> | Open source software for ARM SoCs


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