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Subject: Re: [gentoo-embedded] gcc-4.6 / bionic
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2011 14:04:37
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-embedded] gcc-4.6 / bionic by Christopher Friedt
On 04/05/11 22:39, Christopher Friedt wrote:
> Hi James, > > On Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 7:40 PM, wireless <wireless@×××××××××××.com> wrote: >> Apologies for my ignorances. This link went a long >> way to present what is bionic libc: >> >> > > I've read that page too... not really sure what you're saying though.
I'm not up to speed on Android et. al...... I do like the "smallness" of what bionic purports to do. Linux (kernel, kde/gnome, etc etc) are well on the way to IBM/doz bloat-wear, imho. So I do anticipate a return to the basics, (aka smallness).....
> You could say I'm leaning toward the "linux without politics" usage > model. It's straight-forward to patch bionic to use /etc/resolv.conf, > and add crypt routines as well as /etc/passwd & /etc/group usage. That > can be done with bsd licensed code.
Folks should be aware of licenses and choose according to their goals and needs. I've got "no religion" when it comes to licenses. Personally I wish all licenses, patents and politics would just go away... After all, they are just *noise* imho. But noise is a fact of life so we must deal with it, each in our own (best) way.
> BSD userland politics aside, I wonder what the typical steps would be > to 'port' gentoo over to a bionic-based libc. Something like the > following?
BSD has a fundamental flaw, imho. Once you free up the license restrictions, much of what is innovated is rarely shared to put back into the community. I understand folks need to make a few dollars, as a corporation some of that is necessary, but the not contributing back snobbishness of BSD is a long, jaded history (Eric and Sendmail as an example). Want another example? OK OAR (was a .org) was a technical governmental body that developed RTEMS: Now we only find Yet google is funding RTEMS for summer of code....... (Strange world, huh?) If you know any college kids with your tendencies, then SOC at RTEMS would be keen. Suggest a port/marriage to embedded Gentoo. Make yourself *famous*! The NSA actually funded openbsd for a while and still finds "the rat" to be quite brilliant and entertaining...... Personally, I do not find the "spoofs" to be threatening at all; it's the politicians with dark_commercial_threads that worry me; a bunch of "stupid_whores" that are in charge of decision making? Then when they do reach out to someone technical, it's some old (technically famous) fart that is useless and has lost his/her salt! They quickly sell out for a few dollars because they are getting old and worry about retirement and what others think about them. America, has few young lions any more, because our judicially dominatrix leadership is pushing agendas where young lions are quickly neutered and marginalized, again and again and again, imho. What BSD needs is for the government (US) to fund research and development and support for BSD, much like google funds Linux via the Summer of Code. But as soon as they appoint some tainted agency, with dark connections to the commercial world, much get's tainted, imho. A young lion needs to emerge. After all BSD is American, from Berkeley (bunch of hippies) and there are lots of brilliant, unemployed college kids floating around.....(certainly not fact, just my opinion). So that's why I left BSD for Linux; more sharing, support and friendship; Some would say that sense of "community" is because of the gpl licenses.....
> 1) manually build a bionic cross-toolchain > 2) do some basic verification with the cross-toolchain (static exe, > exe that uses .so, .so, etc) > 3) build a native toolchain with the cross-toolchain, record build > steps / patches along the way > 4) manually bootstrap gentoo natively, record build steps / patches > along the way > 5) set up overlays: portage, crossdev, bionic, gcc, etc
Ah grasshopper, you have *GROWN*! I shall anticipate enjoying the stanza's of your music.... peace, James


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