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Subject: RE: [gentoo-embedded] writing device drivers howto
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 13:57:48
1 The book Linux Device Drivers is my favorite reference for this type of
2 question. You can purchase it from anyone who has OReilly books, or
3 download it since it is published under Creative Commons. The newest
4 version is 3rd ed.
6 Austin Morgan
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14 Subject: [gentoo-embedded] writing device drivers howto
16 Hi list!
18 This is some sort of offtopic, but I guess this is the best point to ask.
19 I have an embedded system running linux. I need to access some special
20 registers (e.g. containing the clock cycles, ...) So I managed to write a
21 very simple module, which is able to access the registers. But what makes
22 me worrying now, is the way, I have to get the data into my user-space
23 application. Is there some documentation, concerning writing device
24 drivers and accessing them from the user space anywhere? I found some
25 documentation, but either I did not understand the part about getting data
26 from kernel space into user space, or it was just simply missing.
28 Maybe anyone here can help me out!
30 Thanks in advance and kind regards!
32 Bye,
33 Andy
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