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From: Preston Cody <codeman@g.o>
To: gentoo-installer@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-installer] The new overhauled Gentoo Linux Installer needs testing
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 06:07:24
Calling all testers!
I have previously discussed the overhaul that GLI has undergone to
make the installer more interactive.  As some of you know, a release
is approaching, and the overhaul is just now becoming stable again.
gli-dialog is functional again and much improved to the version
released in 2006.1.  However, this was a major rewrite of a lot of
code and i'm quite certain that tons of bugs exist in the frontend
alone.  I personally don't have enough time before the release to go
through and find them all.  If you have vmware or other equivalent
emulator installed and don't mind pawing through trying to break
gli-dialog, here are the instructions for getting the overhaul

boot the 2006.1 livecd (2007.0 test cds will be avail soon for
testing, but not yet).
open a terminal (in Applications >> Accessories).
sudo su -
cat /opt/installer/misc/getgli
copy the wget line except change the ending.  it should read
tar xvfj gli-current.tar.bz2
cd gli-overhaul/src/fe/dialog

for testing the gtkfe just replace the last two lines with cd
gli-overhaul/src/fe/gtk and ./
please try to go through gli-dialog as thoroughly as you can (advanced
mode shows many screens otherwise hidden).

I will try to make the language files for gli-dialog soon so that
there is a chance of having internationalization this release.  Any
offers to translate?

Thanks in advance to all testers,
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