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From: Daniel Drake <dsd@g.o>
To: gentoo-kernel@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-kernel] New genpatches numbering scheme
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 22:37:32
With linux-stable becoming more popular we are reaching the limit of the 
current numbering scheme, which is currently hacked to allow 100 patches 
from that tree.

The obvious solution is to stop requiring a unique 4 digit number for 
each patch, but I have grown to like that system, and it allows for some 
easy-to-use scripts.

I also feel restricted by the current scheme, pasted below for reference.

1XXX	critical fixes
  1XX	 security
  3XX	 arch-compat
  9XX	 other
2XXX	driver related patches
  1XX	 network
  3XX	 raid/storage
  5XX	 graphics/sound
  7XX	 motherboard
  9XX	 other
3XXX	performance patches
  1XX	 cpu-task schedular & related
  3XX	 disk/memory/swap I/O and management
  5XX	 graphics/sound
  9XX	 other
4XXX	additional features.
  1XX	 network
  3XX	 raid/storage
  5XX	 graphics/sound
  7XX	 filesystem
  9XX	 other
5XXX	experimental patches
  1XX	 network
  3XX	 raid/storage
  5XX	 graphics/sound
  7XX	 filesystem
  9XX	 other

I dislike having to file fixes for networking core and netfilter in the 
same 'category' as fixes for network drivers. Similar situation for 
storage. I also dislike the motherboard category which is very broad by 
nature, generally swallowing patches for USB, PCI, ACPI, ...

At the same time, I don't want to get too specific: for example, there's 
not much point differentiating between ALSA and OSS drivers, framebuffer 
video drivers and DRI video drivers, etc.

There's also no point in the 3XXX and 5XXX ranges with our current 
policy - we'd never put things under those categories.

Here's my new proposal. Any comments? I hope to put something similar to 
the following into action for the first 2.6.16 release.

1000-1400	linux-stable
1400-1500	linux-stable queue
1500-1600	architecture-related
1600-1700	security
1700-1800	mm/scheduling/misc
1800-1900	filesystems
1900-2000	networking core
2000-2100	storage core
2100-2000	power management (acpi, apm)
2200-2300	bus (usb, ieee1394, pci, pcmcia, ...)
2300-2400	network drivers
2400-2500	storage drivers
2500-2600	input
2600-2800	media (graphics, sound, tv)
2800-2900	other
2900-4000	reserved

4000-4100	network
4100-4200	storage
4200-4300	graphics
4300-4400	filesystem
4400-4500	other
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