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From: Henri Magnin <henri.magnin@××××.net>
To: gentoo-laptop@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-laptop] Trying Gentoo linux on a new Asus M6 laptop
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 21:26:19

I recently purchased an Asus M6 (Centrino 1.6GHz), and did not want to bother
anymore with the Windoze Family stuff.

I wanted to install a modular Linux, which I could master and upgrade as I 
I earlier tried muliple other distributions (Aurox, Mandrake), but I did no 
longer expect to have any "straightforward" or "magic" install which was too 
tricky to update in future.

I downloaded Gentoo 2004.2, started from stage3 (in a first trial), and 
compiled a 2.6.7 kernel.

All was Ok, I even compiled X11 and kde and ati_drivers, to try employ at 
best my Radeon 9700 graphics card.

My concern is about the CD-Rom on my own (very new) linux install.
When booting from the install boot CD-Rom, I have a /dev/cdroms/cdrom0 device.

But in the /dev of my hard-disk install, there is no such entry. So when I 
chroot to it, I can no more see the CD-Rom device.

Maybe I missed something in the Kernel config ? This while, I followed the 
indications provided in the Gentoo manual concerning kernel configuration...

Thanks by advance for your help


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