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From: Alec Warner <antarus@g.o>
To: Chrissy Fullam <musikc@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-nfp] Re: [gentoo-council] Foundation by laws: new Article V
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 23:51:43
In Reply to: [gentoo-nfp] RE: [gentoo-council] Foundation by laws: new Article V by Chrissy Fullam
On Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 2:42 PM, Chrissy Fullam <musikc@g.o> wrote:
> I wanted to add two things to my previous email > >> Refer to bylaws that were approved in today's Trustee meeting: >> > >> I cannot understand why a person cannot be on the Council and on the >> Trustees? We had someone do so in the past and no conflicts or issues >> arose. What is the reasoning that a person cannot serve on the >> technical team and the legal team? >> >> Please note: that I do not see validity in the statement 'what if >> Council asks for money and dual role person on the Trustee approves >> it' as I think that person would hold the same opinion regardless of >> being on both teams unless we are saying that we cannot trust our >> Council people to not make decisions in the best interest of Gentoo. > > ======================================== > <addition> > From the Gentoo Foundation Charter page: > "... the Gentoo project needs a framework for intellectual property > protection and financial contributions while limiting the contributors' > legal exposure. The Gentoo Foundation will embody this framework without > intervening in the Gentoo development." > > If the Trustees are not supposed to intervene in Gentoo development, that > being the technical direction of Gentoo, aren't they are in direct violation > of this by determining who cannot be a Council member by their own > membership?
If the Council are not supposed to intervene in the legal and financial direction of Gentoo, aren't they in direct violation of this by being having councilmembers who are also trustees? I think this particular argument is two sided ;p
> > ======================================== > <second addition> > Fmccor voted today that there should be a separation of Trustees and > Council. I see a direct conflict in how he was a Trustee and ran for > Council, but after not being elected he has now decided that no one else can > do it either? He accepted his own Council nomination on 2008-06-05 and > responded to a series of 'questions to our nominees' on the same date. > From his own email response: >> > 4. How do you think the council and trustees can work together to >> > make Gentoo better? >> I'm already a trustee, so having a council member who is a trustee is >> a start.
I'm confused by your statement; are you trying to argue that the council and trustees could work together better if they shared members? I would support that argument if it was clear that they are not working well together right now and sharing members would offer improvmeent at the cost of the other inherit risks; but I have no data on that so I am unsure if sharing members is strictly necessary at this point.