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From: "William L. Thomson Jr." <wltjr@g.o>
To: gentoo-nfp <gentoo-nfp@l.g.o>
Subject: Re: [gentoo-nfp] Foundation membership
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2008 22:46:07
In Reply to: [gentoo-nfp] Foundation membership by Chris Gianelloni
On Fri, 2008-06-06 at 15:26 -0700, Chris Gianelloni wrote:
> Hello Board of Trustees and Gentoo Foundation members, > > Since there is no documented procedure in place for doing this, I am > doing this on the only officially-listed location for Foundation-related > information/discussion.
Documentation for such does need to be created. Which very well will likely consists of emails like this. Either sent publicly to the list or privately to all trustees, a trustee, or otherwise. To respect the privacy wishes of members wishing to leave but not disclose intentions.
> As of this moment, I wish to have my membership > in the Gentoo Foundation revoked.
Ok, we will see that is done. Which I believe is mostly just removing from voting abilities I believe. Not sure what else membership involves or entails at this time.
> As a former member of the Gentoo > Foundation Board of Trustees, I find the attitude and general > distasteful treatment of members of this list by several members of the > board to be appalling. As such, I no longer wish to be associated with > this body, in any way, shape, or form. I strongly feel that certain > elements within the current membership is more concerned with how they > can best benefit themselves than what is best for the open source Gentoo > project.
Well that's very sad to hear. I for one can say I am losing out in many ways with my involvement. Much less Gentoo in the form of me not being as active as I have been or would like to have been this year. I am really concerned myself with the loss of time, money, etc with little benefit to the community and Gentoo so far. While there has been some minor progress and good things. I feel there are many basic tasks still to be done, and the accomplishment level so far is quite low. I am not aware of any other board members gaining anything personally, either directly or indirectly at this time. I am very saddened to hear that one would feel that.
> Please remove me from any future correspondence with regards to the > Gentoo Foundation.
That would I guess mean this list and maybe the trustee alias if you are still on that as a past trustees. Both I believe you can do as a dev and as a infra team member. But we can make sure you are removed.
> I have no desire to participate in the political > wrangling and insulting manner in which this legal body represents > itself in public. Since the responses to many of these offenses seem to > be shed in a positive light, I am left with no recourse of action other > than to respectfully part ways with the current body. > > Thank you,
Your wishes will be respected.
> > (P.S. - There's no point in responding to me, as I am unsubscribing from > this list, effective immediately.)
Responding to list only because of the public posting. -- William L. Thomson Jr. amd64/Java/Trustees Gentoo Foundation


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