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Subject: Re: [Fwd: [gentoo-nfp] Summary of NFP options]
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 20:10:26
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Daniel Robbins wrote:
| I agree. I think I have been trying to solve too many problems at once
| rather than approach this one step at a time. I am a perfectionist. It's
| also human nature to try to make "version 2" of something incredibly
| and sophisticated so as to solve all problems with "version 1". This
| tendency is called "the second system effect." And it looks like I've
| victim to the second system effect in planning the next entity for Gentoo.
| Because of my desire to not let anyone down, I've become paralyzed and am
| letting everyone down. That's not my intention. We can address the funding
| issues later and get the NFP set up this month.

you're spot-on here, Daniel.   The co-op is a great idea..   I defended
the core idea to a lot of people while you started to give it yesterday,
yet it doesn't seem to fit too well in the Gentoo model.  Seperating
that will allow Gentoo to operate in the way that it does, yet also have
a seperate group that can help to fund OSS development (not affiliated
with Gentoo in any way other than the people starting it may be involved
with Gentoo as well).  I love the co-op idea** because it works a lot
like LinuxFund only the people who pitch in the money have a say in
where it goes.  'Tis why I've never given to LinuxFund thus far.
Anyway, I commend you for saying this..   I think the idea took off a
little too far for "version 1"  ;)

** - I like it as it was discussed a couple of weeks ago here in
Indiana..  pool money together and decide where it goes and what for.
that's it.  no leadership decisions based on membership or anything.

| I have been trying to figure out a perfect organizational model for
the NFP
| that will meet everyone's expectations and wants. This is probably a
| errand -- some decisions need to be made that by their nature exclude
| possibilities.

I think that the majority of the people want NFP, so if you give it to
them regardless of how it is setup they will be pacified.   A lot of
people probably don't even know what NFP means or how it works, but for
some reason they know they want it..  you won't go wrong there.


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