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From: "William L. Thomson Jr." <wltjr@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-nfp] Section 4.1 Member Classes
Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 00:07:45
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-nfp] Section 4.1 Member Classes by Luca Barbato
On Fri, 2008-05-23 at 01:47 +0200, Luca Barbato wrote:
> > > Ok, so what about all the projects falling by the way side? When there > > was no GWN now GMN. Who did something about that? Was the council > > looking to keep that project going? Or what about Events? > > Nothing related to this discussion. The council, at least me and donnie, > use to poll people to know what's going on, maybe not that often as I > wish but I'm trying.
There is still no comment from you a current council member. On what action the council took when projects used to keep the community informed. Were falling behind?
> > We are supposed to be electing a new council per GLEP 39. Who is doing > > that or to oversee it? > > Elections seems to have rules, like the ones used to elect the current > council and the former one ^^
Again we have rules in place now. Since you all missed last meeting and election is supposed to be going on right now. Who is going to oversee that. Who is going to start that process, that we are already behind on. Who enforces the rules? You being on the council, should be imposing that yourselves. You all failed have 50% attend a meeting per GLEP 39. So you all are to be replaced. When will that process start? How many balls must be dropped before it's clear we lack organization?
> > Ok, creativity aside. We lose a sponsor, which almost happened with a > > major one. We need a few $k in services for Gentoo every month. We need > > that now and today, not tomorrow when we can find a sponsor or sponsors > > to provide the services to Gentoo for free. > > We got one as the needed, luckily our core features are _that_ interesting.
Um not. To be specific we almost lost GNi a couple months ago. I have no clue where things wrt to that stand. But at one point there was the potential for Gentoo to get some massive bills. Which would have drained all funds in a few months. Much less it would take several sponsors to make up for that loss. Unless you have friends or know someone that will give Gentoo > $5k a month in hosting services for free. Tomorrow.
> > > What happens if infra decided we need to buy our SSL certs rather than > > free from CACert? What happens if hardware we own dies and we have to > > buy a replacement? What happens if the council wants to do new things, > > request is made to infra, but funds are there to make such request > > happen? > > The usual, somebody steps up for providing those if interested.
Ok so if infra was polled right now. Would they say they have all they need. Or let's go one further all they would like. FYI, I am about to start removing FreeBSD keywords. Since there is no one doing keywording there anymore. I am held up on some things I need to do on the Java front for months now. Do we have any infra maintained FreeBSD boxes available for our developers. Like we do for other archs?
> > Usually sponsorship or just the improvements they are bound to give back > due gpl. We are not doing this for money, you know?
Yes, but we require $ to do what we do now. Gentoo doesn't happen for free either. Again with all this time people are giving. If we had no where to commit our code then? Or means to email each other like now.
> > > What's wrong with delegation? If the council doesn't mind getting help. > > I do mind since this thread.
Then you and the other council members can meet, and respond as a group. Or one off, either way. But it's all pretty moot, since this current council is to be replaced, yesterday. We are running out of time on the 1 month as stated in GLEP 39.
> Sure, nothing the current council will due since the shortage of time to > even evaluate
Well that's because the council is being replaced due to a slacker clause.
> > I am not alone. This was expressed in others manifestos per election I > > believe. Have to double check. > > Please do.
Improve Communications Between the Trustees and the Council "The Trustees must establish and maintain the necessary minimum “business footprint” for gentoo." "> (*) What NeddySeagoon said. There's not much one can add to that,
> It's a great manifesto. >
I also sign onto this. I can't think how to improve it."'
> > People are to focus on power, and not organization. The trustees are > > seeking more and better organization for a foundation that has never > > been operated, or run as intended. Or with any success. We are not > > seeking more power or etc. Just organization, and delegation where it > > fits. > > I don't see that in this discussion.
What a call for organization?
> > > >> Looks like the keyword here is "volunteering". > > > > And what is the RedCross? Do people volunteer for that? > > I have a deep knowledge of RedCross in Italy and I'll anything in my > power to avoid Gentoo getting that way: lots of politics, wasteful usage > of founds, abuse of voluteers and their time.
Ok, so Italy would be better of with no RedCross. I think we already have clear abuses of volunteers and their time. Not sure why you think we are much different or better than them. -- William L. Thomson Jr. amd64/Java/Trustees Gentoo Foundation


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