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From: "William L. Thomson Jr." <wltjr@g.o>
To: Chrissy Fullam <musikc@g.o>
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Subject: RE: [gentoo-nfp] Gentoo Foundation Inc Trustees - Adjourned August Meeting
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 01:56:14
In Reply to: RE: [gentoo-nfp] Gentoo Foundation Inc Trustees - Adjourned August Meeting by Chrissy Fullam
On Wed, 2008-08-27 at 18:21 -0700, Chrissy Fullam wrote:
> > First off Joshua has been silent on this matter. Both internally amongst > > the trustees and now on list. > > I happen to know of at least one other Trustee that he has spoken with at > length this week so your statement is inaccurate.
Well I am the one challenging him. Both amongst the trustees and on list. In none of those forms has he responded or commented.
> > Instead of Joshua defending his own actions or lack there of. Everyone > > else is rushing to his defense. > > Perhaps he just wasn't interested in talking to the person who called for a > vote of no confidence in him? > As for the everyone else comment, I wasn't aware that Matthew Summers and > myself counted as everyone.
This is not a personal attack against Joshua. I have nothing against him. It's about taking action to move the foundation forward. But really this is others problems now. I have resigned.
> > I am really sick of it all. If others want to wait on Joshua that's > > their call. But he has shown he does not give a crap for months now. > > Perhaps it is personal comments like this that are found offensive with > which he wishes not to reply and potentially start the same drama thread I > have now started by my meager reply? How do you really even know what tsunam > thinks or feels? I have spoken in great detail with him about a number of > Gentoo topics over recent months and can say for certain that he does not > present himself as 'not giving a crap'.
Well his actions have show what? If he cares about Gentoo having a bank account. Why does it not haven one yet? Does it really require 6 months to find an bank and open an account. Or produce a single shred of financial accounting.
> > I have resigned I won't be there to put such a motion to a vote. > > I am sure that the remaining Trustees, while appreciated your contributions > thus far and wish you well, will find a way to move forward with matters as > they see most appropriate. I thank you for the efforts you put in for the > Trustees to this point and wish you the best of luck with whatever else you > opt to do in the future, Gentoo or otherwise.
Well considering a majority of actual actions were conducted by me. Should be interested. I along with Ferris signed both the reinstatement and annual reports. I did final mailing on both. I drafted a letter and worked with Robbat2 to get SSL certs for g.o. I then started pioneering the ByLaws effort till it all got thrown on my back. Which I then stepped back from that process. Others like Joshua took a back seat on the ByLaws waiting till the end to comment. Which he has not done, and will likely just vote them in. Tom Gall bailed. So basically just Roy and Ferris working on ByLaws. Wrt to bank account, I pretty much did it all. Including starting the process with Wells Fargo that we elected to not complete. I would say I have taken as much action or more action than our most active trustees. Thus my disgust with the inaction of others. I did not elect to do it all. I did not take a position of office specifically because of my lack of time. But I am sick of seeing things not get done or accomplished. All the board has done so far is get the foundation reinstated. That's is horrible pathetic for 6 months in. Half term. Much less we already lost one, and now two. So we now have a 3 person board. Of which I am no longer a participant. I will be around for a bit as part of my notice. But I have resigned. I will cast no further votes. Nor take any further action. Just like a year ago when I was asking about foundation status etc. I have little no faith or confidence anyone will step up. They didn't then and it took me stirring the pot in January to even get Foundation elections back on the radar and the rest of the events that transpired. Over a year of carrying about foundation. I am done. I am sick of the infighting, different, lack of a single direction. Priorities like bank account taking a back burner to ByLaws. When ByLaws are nothing compared to the basic required footprint of any business. IE a bank account. I guess with all my efforts, I have earned nothing. Thus I have resigned and others can do nothing. Just as before. -- William L. Thomson Jr. Gentoo Linux Developer


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