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From: Brent Baude <ranger@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-nfp] Trustee Nomination - Tom Gall
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 20:18:16
Fellow Gentoo team,

I would like to nominate Tom Gall aka tgall as a candidate for the 
Gentoo Trustees election.  I will summarize a few of Tom's 
qualifications but fully expect him to  elaborate now that his hat has 
been thrown into the mix.  Tom is Senior Software Engineer with the LTC 
at the IBM Corporation.  He has a reputation there as an extremely 
competent leader in all areas of technology and specificly Linux.  Tom 
is frequently involved with the Open Source advisory boards and is quite 
knowledgeable in these areas.  The last few years, Tom has been leading 
the IBM Embedded Linux team and was key in the building and sustainment 
of that team.

As for his involvement in Gentoo, Tom is the ppc64 team lead.  He was 
the primary figure in bringing Gentoo to ppc64.  He has been team lead 
since the team's inception.  I do not have a barometer of how widely 
known he is amongst the Gentoo community; I personally see this as 
upside.  To me, Tom is not over committed to his Gentoo projects and 
will therefore have the necessary time to invest in his Trustee 

Tom is married with two children and  is also the mayor of the town 
where he lives (  So I can assure you he is 
skilled at working amongst teams where consensus-driven decision making 
is required.



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