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From: Alex Efros <powerman@××××××××.name>
To: gentoo-perl@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-perl] g-cpan -u VS cpan>upgrade
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 20:03:14
Message-Id: 20110922200253.GC2017@home.power

Today I've decided to try to switch from `cpan` to `g-cpan`.
I was pleasantly surprised - g-cpan have installed all ~300 perl modules I
need and just one module required manual .ebuild editing (Crypt-MatrixSSL).
I've successfully configured portage to use my local CPAN overlay, force
installing latests available versions for all modules, and run tests for
all perl modules - i.e. do exactly same what `cpan` do.

But I don't understood how to implement equivalent of `cpan>upgrade`:

1)  `g-cpan --cpan_reload` doesn't work at all:

	# g-cpan --cpan_reload
	 * You haven't told g-cpan what to do.

	Please consult g-cpan --help or man g-cpan for more information

    This can be worked around by running `cpan>reload index`, but it's sad
    we can't use only `g-cpan` for all tasks and still need to run `cpan`.

2)  `g-cpan -u` works (after `cpan>reload index`), but it have nasty side
    effect by adding several modules (I've no idea why exactly these
    modules) into world file when it finish (no matter is it updated some
    modules or not):

	>>> Recording perl-gcpan/CPAN-Reporter in "world" favorites file...
	>>> Recording perl-gcpan/Devel-Autoflush in "world" favorites file...
	>>> Recording perl-gcpan/Filter-CommaEquals in "world" favorites file...
	>>> Recording perl-gcpan/IO-CaptureOutput in "world" favorites file...
	>>> Recording perl-gcpan/Log-Report in "world" favorites file...
	>>> Recording perl-gcpan/Test-Reporter in "world" favorites file...

3)  `g-cpan -u` will update only modules in perl-gcpan/* category, but how
    to automatically update modules in perl-core/* and dev-perl/*?
    And perl core modules which are in dev-lang/perl but don't have own
    perl-core/* package yet?
    Or only way is first run `cpan>r` to find possible updates and then
    manually add ebuilds for these modules into /usr/local/portage?

4)  How to protect against occasional overloading of newest perl core
    module installed with new dev-lang/perl version by older versions of
    same module installed by package perl-core/* or dev-perl/* or even
    perl-gcpan/* (last two cases possible for modules which wasn't
    included in previous dev-lang/perl versions)?

P.S. I'm using latest stable app-portage/g-cpan-0.16.2.

			WBR, Alex.


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