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From: Sergiy Borodych <sergiy.borodych@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-perl@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-perl] g-cpan -u VS cpan>upgrade
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2011 10:25:42
In Reply to: [gentoo-perl] g-cpan -u VS cpan>upgrade by Alex Efros
Hello Alex,

2011/9/22 Alex Efros <powerman@××××××××.name>:
> Hi! > > Today I've decided to try to switch from `cpan` to `g-cpan`. > I was pleasantly surprised - g-cpan have installed all ~300 perl modules I > need and just one module required manual .ebuild editing (Crypt-MatrixSSL). > I've successfully configured portage to use my local CPAN overlay, force > installing latests available versions for all modules, and run tests for > all perl modules - i.e. do exactly same what `cpan` do. > > But I don't understood how to implement equivalent of `cpan>upgrade`: > > 1)  `g-cpan --cpan_reload` doesn't work at all: > >        # g-cpan --cpan_reload >         * You haven't told g-cpan what to do. > >        Please consult g-cpan --help or man g-cpan for more information > >    This can be worked around by running `cpan>reload index`, but it's sad >    we can't use only `g-cpan` for all tasks and still need to run `cpan`.
This mode works for me fine. What versions of perl, cpan you use ?
> > 2)  `g-cpan -u` works (after `cpan>reload index`), but it have nasty side >    effect by adding several modules (I've no idea why exactly these >    modules) into world file when it finish (no matter is it updated some >    modules or not): > >        >>> Recording perl-gcpan/CPAN-Reporter in "world" favorites file... >        >>> Recording perl-gcpan/Devel-Autoflush in "world" favorites file... >        >>> Recording perl-gcpan/Filter-CommaEquals in "world" favorites file... >        >>> Recording perl-gcpan/IO-CaptureOutput in "world" favorites file... >        >>> Recording perl-gcpan/Log-Report in "world" favorites file... >        >>> Recording perl-gcpan/Test-Reporter in "world" favorites file... > > 3)  `g-cpan -u` will update only modules in perl-gcpan/* category, but how >    to automatically update modules in perl-core/* and dev-perl/*? >    And perl core modules which are in dev-lang/perl but don't have own >    perl-core/* package yet? >    Or only way is first run `cpan>r` to find possible updates and then >    manually add ebuilds for these modules into /usr/local/portage?
emerge do it for you. AFAIK g-cpan designed for update only custom cpan modules.
> > 4)  How to protect against occasional overloading of newest perl core >    module installed with new dev-lang/perl version by older versions of >    same module installed by package perl-core/* or dev-perl/* or even >    perl-gcpan/* (last two cases possible for modules which wasn't >    included in previous dev-lang/perl versions)? > > P.S. I'm using latest stable app-portage/g-cpan-0.16.2. >
Ah, see here you version. Try 0.16.4 - in this version fixed some your bugs. Like ... 24 Jan 2011; Robin H. Johnson <robbat2@g.o> +g-cpan-0.16.4.ebuild: Bump. Bug #352561: Allow --cpan_reload without other arguments. ... Unfortunately, recently, g-cpan not actively develops :( -- Sergiy Borodych