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From: Dustin Spicuzza <dustin.spicuzza@×××××.edu>
To: gentoo-portage-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-portage-dev] Additional information to output: emerge -pv
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 17:54:56
1 > The appropriate way would be to open a bug in bugzilla, assign it to
2 the portage team
3 > and attach the patch there (normally each file separately, not packed
4 in a tarball)
6 Thanks. Will do.
8 > How about making it so you need two -v switchs (eg: -vv) to get the
9 long listing? I use
10 > `emerge world -puv` all the time and don 't want to have to scroll
11 through so much stuff.
13 Good idea... it shouldn't be a big deal to do that... I was just trying
14 to keep the patch nice and simple.
16 > Does it repeat the same use flags over and over again for each
17 package, or just explain
18 > it once? Also, does it distinguish local from global use flags?
20 It repeats the USE flags for each package, but ONLY the use flags that
21 apply to that package. Personally, I think this is a more desirable
22 behavior, because of when you do something like 'emerge world', then
23 you'll have this really BIG list of stuff, and lots of repeating USE
24 flags. However, it puts a empty line between each package, so that each
25 list of USE flags is shown nicely for each package.. like this:
27 [stuff here] package useflag useflag2
28 * useflag - does something
29 * useflag2 - does something else
31 [stuff here] package useflag3 useflag
32 * useflag3 - does yet another thing
33 * useflag - does something
35 And so on... for the entire list. Currently, it searches global flags
36 first, then falls back to local flags... but you're right -- its a
37 better idea to search locals first, then globals. I don't really think
38 its necessary though to note that its a local flag or a global flag...
39 its not like it matters too much when you're trying to decide whether
40 you want to set it or not. You just want to know what the package wants
41 to use it for. I spose it could do something like * [local] useflag -
42 description, and * [global] useflag - description...
44 Dustin
45 --
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