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From: Ron Wills <ron@××××××.ca>
To: Gentoo Portage Dev <gentoo-portage-dev@g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-portage-dev] RPM Support
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 13:36:05
1 Hi all
3 I've noticed the rpm packaging support is a little broken in the
4 current version of portage. Currently it tries to build packages with
5 rpm -bb and with the newer versions of rpm it should be rpmbuild -bb. I
6 have a patch to fixes this (first searches for rpmbuild and then uses
7 rpm if it can't find it).
8 Also looking into it, I've cleaned up the dynamic spec a bit and added
9 several features (ei. provides tag, post env-update || ldconfig, and so
10 on). I thought before I sent any patches, I just thought I'd inquire
11 about the status of this feature. I've noticed there seems to be two
12 streams for this project at the moment (the current portage and
13 portage-ng).
14 I have great use for this feature and willing to implement it as fully
15 as I can (time permitting :P), if your interested. I just need to know
16 where to send the patches, for your review ;)
18 --
19 Ron Wills <ron@××××××.ca>
20 RW Software


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